30 Days of LSD Microdosing: Week 1

Our elusive entrepreneur describes his first week with the drug

February 16, 2016

In my last post, I covered how to get a hold of LSD to microdose with. Here’s the journal of my first week experimenting with microdosing to boost my creativity.

I ordered a 120mcg tab (a small piece of cardboard with LSD on it), and cut off a small part to test with my drugs testing kit, to confirm that it was actually LSD. I guesstimate that that left me with roughly 100mcg… I then put the remainder of the tab in 20 pipettes worth of vodka (roughly 20ml) and left it in the fridge overnight.

Day 1

Having left the mixture in the fridge overnight, I took 1x pipette worth of the mixture (~5mcg) and put it on my tongue, swirling the mixture around in my mouth a bit. After an hour or so, I didn’t notice any difference (apparently it’s supposed to take 30 minutes to work), so I took another pipette worth (i.e. ~10mcg in total). I didn’t notice much of an effect, but went about my day as normal. I was a little disappointed.

Day 2

Today I tried 3x pipettes’ worth (i.e. ~15mcg) and again, after not feeling much, took one more pipette (i.e. ~20mcg total for this day), soon after I started to feel it ‘hit’ me. Just a slightly different state of consciousness. Speaking to my roommate and a friend, they said that I seemed generally more talkative.

Day 3

I took ~20mcg worth again today. Later in the day, I found myself walking around with a permanent smile, like I literally couldn’t stop smiling; not in a manic way, but I just felt happy.

Day 4

I tried taking ~30mcg this day. Frankly, it wasn’t as great. It felt like being drunk, except I felt more in control than when I’m normally drunk. So I was more aware of my current state, but I still felt a little disorientated.

Day 5

I had planned to do four days on, one day off, so I took this day off. Doing some more reading, it seems like you’re actually only supposed to take it on the 4th day for microdosing (i.e. three days off, one day on), so I totally messed it up by doing four days on, one day off. But anyway, this was more a personal interest experiment than anything scientific. I didn’t feel strong effects from the previous day, but still felt something.

Day 6

I took 20mcg again today. I think I prefer this dosage.

Day 7

I’ve run out of the drug at this point, which is quite disappointing.

So far in my experiment, I’m finding microdosing to be pretty awesome. I’ve mainly found it to add subtle positive benefits, making me happier and more talkative overall. Its effects are not really noticeable to others at all – friends I went to dinner with had no idea I was “on” anything, and even when I told them, they said I just seemed “regular” to them.

I should add a disclaimer that I wasn’t sad/depressed at any point when taking the LSD. It’s said that LSD just amplifies your current mood, so I wouldn’t suggest taking it if you’re not feeling good.

My batch re-order hasn’t arrived yet, which puts me in a bit of a tough spot. But as soon as more arrives, I’m going to start testing more intensively. I want to observe the effects of taking it whilst playing sports — LSD is supposed to give you amazing athletic abilities, like reaction time and balance. I’m also probably going to take higher doses in order to have a better comparison of my microdosing experiences so far.

Check in here for the final results.

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