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EMAILED ON August 9, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

7 YEARS LATER: Magic Leap finally launches its first product

After eons of beating around the augmented bush (and months of our barbed skepticism), Magic Leap finally announced the launch of its first commercial product yesterday.

Priced north of $2k, the Magic Leap One Creator Edition AR headset, according to the company’s press release, “brings digital content to life here in the real world.”

And it only took them 7 years to get it there…

Which is fair, because tech takes time, but also insane considering the amount of money Magic Leap has been able to squeeze out of investors ‘on spec’ — more than $2B since it was founded in 2011.

They recently declared the product would be out “sometime this year” during the announcement of their exclusive mobile partnership with AT&T last month, and looks like that “sometime” is now.

So far, so good

Back in October, Magic Leap’s technology was sharply criticized by several news sources, the consensus being that the so-called revolutionary AR device was more of a leap than a reality. 

But, CNBC reporter Todd Haselton was invited to take the new headset for a spin yesterday, and, well, he spit some pretty strong words straight outta positive town:

“The Magic Leap One is impressive… unlike any computer I’ve used before… The experience with the goggles was like a computer-generated 3-D world with real depth.”

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