Magic Leap sets its sights on healthcare

Over the past few weeks, Magic Leap has gotten approval on over a dozen patents for technology to diagnose eye conditions. Which is cool, but not “giant whale in a gymnasium” cool.

The “mixed reality” company is still in hot water for delays surrounding its technology that projects 3D objects among real-life objects (See: gym whale), so it looks like they’re settling for something a bit more realistic in the meantime.

Eyes on a new prize

The recent Magic Leap patents tackle everything from color blindness to lazy eyes, including a device to determine optical prescriptions.

According to the application, this goggle-like diagnostic tool will replace “bulky and expensive devices… used exclusively in doctor’s offices.”

In theory, this could make eyecare more accessible by distributing devices at local pharmacies or eyewear stores. So, a much more practical application than making a tiny elephant dance around on your hand…

And a lot less magical

What are they gonna tell us next, the Tooth Fairy isn’t real?

But hey, good on Magic Leap for making something that might actually start paying back the $1.3B they’ve received from investors — not to mention improve public health.

Still want that baby elephant, though.

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