MFM #89: The Man Who Gamed Uber
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MFM #89: The Man Who Gamed Uber

Shaan and Sam are joined by Abhishek Kumar Maurya, who built UberPro. They also ask, "How can you make millions in a couple of months?"

The man who gamed Uber 🚕 💻

For the first half of the podcast, Sam and Shaan sit down with a very special guest, Abhishek Kumar Maurya, the founder of UberPro.In. UberPro games Uber’s referral system by offering discounted rides and meal deliveries.

The great exodus 🏃💨

People are fleeing cities, SF alone has seen an 11% decrease in rent prices. This may be a sign of a bigger trend where cities become less important to entrepreneurial success. Shaan and Sam break down the startups capitalizing on this trend.

Why humans will become androids 🤖

Today we get instant feedback loops on almost everything we do, except with our bodies. For example, we have no idea how many calories we’re consuming. There are massive opportunities to better merge tech and fitness into our lifestyles.

The world of alternate data 📊

Investors are often looking for an edge to beat the market. To do so, many turn to alternative data or “alt data”. Alt data is the use of data obtained through unconventional means to gauge company or industry performance. For example, alt data may include satellite imagery to gain insight on crop yields or oil tanker movement. Robinhood’s selling trader data is an example of alt data. 

Are baseball cards the next tax haven? ⚾ 💵

When art is bought, the buyer is taxed on it. To avoid this, many art collectors never take possession of their bought art. The art piece is stored in places called freeports. Here the art is not only stored and cared for, but it can indefinitely be considered “in transit” — and art collectors aren’t taxed.

How to make $5m in 2 months 💰🕒

Shaan was on a call with a successful entrepreneur who asked himself “How can I make $5m in two weeks.” 

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