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Can you really build a business on Instagram? Just ask the Kardashians

IG greatness awaits

April 9, 2020

They’ve created a fricken’ empire through the IG app (amongst other things…). 

Before the five social-savvy sisters showed us the light, people thought the ‘gram was just for fun.  

Turns out, it’s one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands out there — and, as Meltwater’s Instagram guide has proven, the difference between instagood and insta-great is bigger than you think. 

Instagood is when your posts get double-digit likes, one or two people follow you every day, and the occasional stranger DM’s you asking if you’ll give them a discount code. Ha ha ha… nice try. 

Instagreat is when your posts get shared and commented on faster than you can read, your follower count blows up like Kim’s Paper Magazine cover, and your brand gets shared by influencers without even paying them (we call that “getting Kylie’d”).

But here’s the thing: all you PR pros and marketing mavens can now achieve Insta-greatness, too… you just need to download The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram by Meltwater. 

This free book on IG marketing shows you how to grow your following, drive engagement, and take advantage of every tip, trick, and strategy to make the most of Instagram’s algorithm. 

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