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EMAILED ON May 17, 2019 BY Emily Kelley

Daimler AG takes its foot off the gas with big plans to go carbon neutral

The owner of Mercedes-Benz has announced plans for “a fully carbon-neutral fleet of passenger cars by 2039,” Wired reports

The objective, aptly if uncreatively called “Ambition2039,” marks the most aggressive emission-slashing target by any automaker to date. 

The dirty (or…clean?) deets

Daimler plans for over half its total car sales to be electric by 2030. It also hopes to release zero-emission lines of other vehicles like trucks and buses.

While Daimler cites the “conviction” of the Paris Agreement as its main driver, it’s likely that the automaker is also looking to make a comeback from recent bumps in the road by becoming the greenest automaker.

The end goal sounds nice… 

But experts are skeptical Daimler can pull it off. Some point out that even these lofty aims are still a far cry from the reduction targets put forth by the Paris Agreement

Still others caution that a promise of carbon-neutrality is far different from outright emissions-cutting.

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