Microsoft Surface Book 2

Okay, battery problems aside, this is a great machine. The Surface Book 2 combines the functionality of a tablet with the get-sh*t-done mentality of a laptop, and the new Microsoft OS is actually enjoyable. Apple fanboys, it’s time to question your loyalty.

December 1, 2017

the story

Ever heard of this little company from Seattle, WA. called Microsoft? It’s made (several) billionaires and is the poster child for the ‘90’s PC boom.

More recently, Microsoft has been cranking out hardware of their own that, actually, looks good. It surprised us too, but after some folks from The Hustle attended the latest Microsoft user conference, they were sold. C’mon just look at this thing.

why we like it

The Surface Book 2 is the most powerful portable PC in the Surface lineup. Think of it as the MacBook Pro of the Surface Books, except unlike the MacBook Pro it has ports from this century, a touchscreen, and, oh, it’s a tablet.

And while you’d think this smorgasbord of features would be overkill, Microsoft does a nice job at keeping the experience focused.

Plus, aside from the unsightly gap when closed, the laptop looks good. It’s got this cool, industrial grill running down the edges. The keyboard feels good too, especially if you’re not a fan of the new MacBook keyboards.

Overall, it’s a solid laptop with some pretty trick capabilities. We found the more we used it, the more we liked features like the tablet mode, the pen, and, get this, an outward facing camera on a laptop.

And surprisingly, going back to a PC from a Mac is not as bad as you’d think. Yes, life is different, but we’re alive.

the competition

If you’re still committed to Mac, go with the MacBook Pro WITHOUT the touch bar — it’s not worth the added premium and you won’t miss something you never had.

If you’re a PC person, consider the Dell XPS 13”. We’ve used and approved. For the size, quality, and specs you can’t beat the price. The only downside is the drivers are a little wonky — i.e. lots-o-bugs.

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