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In the growing microwedding industry, nuptial newcomers say ‘till death do us start-(up)’

As couples opt for smaller, less elaborate weddings -- microwedding companies are cropping up to help them get hitched.

July 18, 2019

Last year, David’s Bridal — which commanded 30% of the $2B bridal dress market — filed for bankruptcy.

It’s the same story across the industry: Younger couples are divorcing themselves from expensive, old-school wedding providers. Wedding planning revenues are slipping, and the number of bridal stores is falling.

But weddings aren’t going away: Instead, they’re just getting smaller — and a new industry has caught the bouquet: microweddings.

Now, startups are offering a more modern matrimony

Startups such as Bloomerent, Anomalie and Our Story Bridal are bringing the wedding planning process into the 21st century by offering digital services and competitive prices.

Local wedding planning companies across the country are offering “pop-up weddings” that only cost around $1,500. 

Wedding startups offer a wide range of services. Zola offers a digital registry, letting guests contribute to a couple’s honeymoon fund instead of buying them a pair of embroidered oven mitts. All Seated helps couples choose a venue by letting them explore it in VR first.

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