4 money hacking apps you probably don't know about

Today's Toolbox comes from friend of The Hustle and founder of financial planning company Grove, Chris Hutchins. These are not ads or affiliate links.

You don’t have to be an extreme couponer to get the best deals. There are tons of tools and apps out there to help you spend better, save more, or earn money for things you’re already doing. Here are 4 of my favorites:

  1. Earny – There’s a good chance that your credit card offers price drop protection (you can check here), but tracking the prices is a ton of work. Earny’s app gets you money back automatically when the price drops on things you’ve already purchased.
  2. Ebates – Want to earn extra money for purchases you’re already making? Ebates lets you earn cash back at participating online stores. Just use their portal to shop from more than 2,000 online retailers and earn up to 25% cash back.
  3. Digit – Remembering to put money aside each month can be a pain. Digit looks at your income and spending to calculate the perfect amount of money to set aside each day and automatically saves it for you.
  4. Service – Service monitors flight itineraries and hotel reservations in your inbox, and when they detect a delay or cancellation, they try to get you compensation from the airline. It even works for past flights you’ve already taken.

It almost makes flight delays bearable. Almost…

— Chris, Founder and CEO of Grove

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