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Find your inner-zen with yoga sequences that suit your tight schedule, right from the comfort of your city apartment, home office, or anywhere for just $15 per month.

the story

For over 20 years, YogaWorks has trained some of the best yoga instructors under the belief that yoga is for everyone

With MyYogaWorks, the classes of YogaWorks are made available to everyone, anywhere and at any time, furthering their mission to enable people on their personal wellness journeys. It’s like yoga, wait for it…on-demand.

why we like it

MyYogaWorks makes hitting your fitness and meditation goals simple, safe and fun. At $15 per month, you get unlimited access to 1000+ classes, instructed by top practitioners with broad expertise and diverse training.

In the mood for advanced 60-minute core flow? Feeling more like a mellow 15-minute meditation? Want to improve your posture? Take your pick, MyYogaWorks has the goods.

You can choose classes based on location, focus area, experience, or mood. Spice up the day with cardio or detox it out with restorative.

Yogaworks even steps it up a notch offering a Journey Series, which are challenges designed to guide you through yoga and learning. From Yoga for Athletes, Chakras and Heart Healing, to being Wedding Ready.

the competition

Yoga is a level playfield. Competition isn’t really a thing, but there is an endless sea of classes to choose from. Theres’s well known Gaia and donation based Do Yoga With Me and an infinite number of others, but take a chance with MyYogaWorks. Their website is friendly, easy on the eyes, and syncs on mobile to stream on-the-go.

Try it for 2 weeks free and if it’s not for you, you can cancel anytime – so no pressure. Zen, right?

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