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EMAILED ON November 15, 2017 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Netflix knows where you’re binging — and it’s not just on your couch

The streaming video company has released some hard numbers showing that people have moved on from only watching Netflix in the privacy of their own homes.

After studying user habits and how they have changed, Netflix found 67% of Americans now watch Netflix in public

And that includes… public toilets

The data, sourced from over 37k responses to a global survey conducted last summer, found that the most popular places to Netflix in public are on planes, buses, or while commuting.

That being said, 37% of participants said they’ve binged at work, and according to the survey, 12% of US users confessed to watching Netflix in a public restroom which is… efficient?

And that’s not all: 45% of people who took the survey said they’d noticed someone snooping on their screens, 22% of public bingers said they had cried while watching, and 18% said they felt embarrassed watching Netflix in public.

Soon, everyone’s gonna be watching Stranger Things at the office

Mobile streaming continues to grow more popular as connectivity improves, but Netflix has found that a whopping 60% of people have increased their public Netflixing within the last year.

We’re fine with this becoming a part of the social norm, but for safety’s sake, we hope that “Netflix and Walking” doesn’t become a thing. 

Or maybe it already has…

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