Old brands, new tricks: GE, Neutrogena, and Forbes turn to cutting-edge tech to get ahead

From fire sales to face masks, these centenarians are giving themselves a new gadget makeover.

From fire sales to face masks, these centenarians are giving themselves a new gadget makeover:

GE expands partnership with Google on smart home accessories

Last October, GE debuted its line of smart, Made-for-Google lightbulbs in an attempt to stop the hemorrhaging of its iconic lightbulb business — now it’s expanding its line to include smart switches and full-color LEDs.

Full context: GE has been seeking a buyer for its North American consumer lighting business since summer 2017, but so far, no takers. Maybe some of Google’s success will rub off on them? 

Neutrogena will 3D-print custom face masks

We’ve reached peak face mask, people. As any woman of legal online ordering age knows, face masks of every creed and color have all but taken over the online beauty space. 

Neutrogena will take this trend to the next level, with MaskiD, an app that creates a 3D map of your face, for perfectly aligned mouth and eye openings. 

Maskheads can use MaskiD in tandem with Neutrogena’s iPhone accessory, the Skin360 (which scans users’ faces to assess problems and “moisture levels”), for the ultimate in skin micromanagement. 

Forbes writers use AI to inspire their first drafts

Digiday reports that Forbes will invest in more AI tools to help “reporters find interesting stories” with computer-generated “thought starters.”

The nearly 100-year-old publisher’s news CMS, called Bertie, already recommends topics and headlines for articles based on reporters’ previous work. 

Now, it will go so far as to write a rough draft of articles that contributors can simply “polish up” and ship — complete with links to previous Forbes coverage and original sources. 

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