Coke is bringing back a failed product from the ’80s for the 3rd season of Stranger Things

Coca-Cola is bringing back a failed product to promote the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

May 22, 2019

Coca-Cola’s hoping to “break the internet” with the rollout of a new(ish) cross-promotional product for the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

The soda giant is bringing back a limited number of cans of New Coke, first released in 1985, to be featured in the upcoming 3rd season of the Netflix mega-hit, which is set in the same year.

But in the real 1985… 

Consumers reacted so terribly to new Coke that old Coke pulled it from shelves after a few months.

So, in the ’80s it was limited because people hated it. Now it’s limited because it’s a collector’s item? You win, America. We’ll take 20 cases — *takes big swig, crushes Coke can* 

Ahhh, this New Coke is delicious. Plus, it still works as a toilet cleaner!

All of that is true (except the part about being delicious)

According to The New York Times, the initial release of the sweeter version of its main-bev was met with boycotts, hate letters, and thousands of angry phone calls.

At its disastrous peak, a Seattle man formed a group called Old Cola Drinkers of America and threatened to take Coke to court to force it back to the old recipe on account that new Coke made him “switch to beer.”

In other news, people in the ’80s were just as crazy as they are now

That said, nobody drinks soda anymore, as both Pepsi and Coke sales by volume continue to struggle, so don’t expect any glorious backlash this time around — and Coke knows it.

Now, they’re trying to capitalize on headlines like this one. Which means everyone should stop talking about this, starting… Now. 

*Chugs another New Coke, runs away*

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