It took a full decade, but tech finally cracked the code to weight loss

Quiz time

What’s the secret sauce? Restrictive diets? Endless hours on the elliptical? Only eating foods that are purple and shaped like eggplants?

No, no, and no. In fact, it’s much simpler than that…

You just need to slowly tweak your habits.

And that starts with not eating 7 meals a day directly from your fridge while you work from home (trust us, you can do it).

Losing weight requires one thing: sustainable behavioral change. 

By helping people slowly shift their habits, rather than prescribing hard-to-follow diets and radical life changes, Noom has found a way to make weight loss sustainable and lasting.

The proof is in the (sugar-free) pudding: 78% of Noom users kept the weight off 9 months after they started their plan.   

And for some of us — like this copywriter — who have been sitting on our couches eating bagels with Nutella every hour we’re home, it’s the perfect way to get back to your healthy habits.

Want to see how Noom can help you make a change? Take their quiz:

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