On the job from nine to five… or is it four?

Data suggest office workers are signing off earlier.

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Olivia Heller

If you’re considering an early dip from the office today, ideally it’s because you’ve got something important to do, and not because you’re planning a covert escape from the bathroom window so nobody sees you in a full-body Spider-Man costume.

In either case, recent data appears to suggest workplace hall-of-famers like “would ya look at the time” and “let’s call it a day” are broadly being declared earlier than usual.

Time to bounce

The share of meetings scheduled between 4pm and 6pm across Microsoft Teams dropped 7% YoY in recent months, according to The Wall Street Journal. Elsewhere…

  • On Yelp, 10% of restaurant diners are now seated between 2pm and 5pm, up from 5% in 2019.
  • Uber trips to restaurants between 4pm and 5pm are up 10% from 2019, and down 9% after 8pm.
  • Stanford researchers found golf courses to be 143% busier on weekdays in 2022 versus 2019.

Notably, signing off earlier doesn’t mean you’re not signing back on later; Microsoft Teams users now send 42% more after-hours chats compared to a year and a half ago.

Leading the charge: 44% of senior-level office workers and 50% of mid-level workers who now prefer to work from home, according to McKinsey, versus 6% of junior workers.

  • These employees all said they’re willing to swap 20%+ of their compensation to work at home as they wish.

Time is money: To make the most of working hours, Shopify recently deleted 322k hours-worth of meetings, and now displays a meeting’s estimated financial cost on the calendar.

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