The Hustle

One chip, several problems

A red coffin-shaped package with a yellow skull on it, reading “Paqui” and “One Chip Challenge” on a red background.

Paqui’s One Chip Challenge involves what is supposedly the world’s hottest chip, spiced with:

For reference, a jalapeno comes in at 5k Scoville units, and the hot sauce that made Jennifer Lawrence cry on an episode of “Hot Ones” rated 135.6k.

The single chip retailed for ~$10, and those who dared to eat it were encouraged to post their reaction to social media. It was already a bad idea — a chip that hot would absolutely cause pain — and then it got worse.


… a subsidiary of The Hershey Co., labeled the product “for adults only,” but teens had no issues getting their hands on it:

Rapper T.I.’s son, King Harris, also faced backlash after posting himself bribing an unhoused man to eat the chip.

Paqui is now working to remove the chips from shelves.

Marketing stunts gone bad

Parents and schools have attempted to hold social media platforms accountable for dangerous or destructive challenges, but brands can also face consequences:

By rushing to offer refunds and pulling the product from shelves, Paqui’s doing the right thing — but the One Chip Challenge was a bad idea from the jump.

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