Oxford Pennant

Pennants went out style somewhere between the collegiate sweater vest and poodle skirts but Oxford Pennant is bringing them back. Updated for modern design aesthetics, while maintaining an old-school sensibility.

December 1, 2017

the story

Based out of Buffalo, NY, Oxford Pennant is the labor of love from friends Dave Horesh and Brett Mikoll. The company started back in 2013 when they stumbled across an old, vintage pennant at a event and realized no one was making them anymore.

They started with three designs and, gaining interest through social media exposure, grew the business organically and are now featured in retail shops across the country.

A lot of their success is due to custom orders (corporate gifts, hint, hint) and a growing catalog of tasteful designs for whatever city, team, or idea you want to support.

why we like it

We first ran into Oxford Pennant at a small shop in Burlington, VT selling one with simply the word “Hustle.” Since we live and breathe anything hustle related (for better or worse) and the price was right, we figured it’d make a good decoration.

The vintage vibe is a welcome addition to the office and the felt material stands out nicely compared to the typical posters and signage we have floating around.

Not to mention, it’s the perfect gift if you have a superfan of [insert location or tagline] in your extended family or friend group. Everyone could use a little old school design in their life.

the competition

Who’s Oxford’s competition… any other type of wall decoration? The main proprietors of pennants are probably found on Etsy and a quick Google search for “custom pennant” will pull up a handful of promotional merch companies who will probably do the trick (assuming you hit a certain quantity).

We haven’t found anyone as specialized as Oxford Pennant in this space and it feels like they’re single handedly making this type of decoration a “thing” again. Crawl through you grandparents’ belongings in a dusty attic box and hope for the best if you want to go through the truly authentic route.

Apart from that, Dave and Brett from Buffalo are probably your best bet.

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