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This 90-year-old LA beef jerky company is putting their meat where their mouth is 

“The greatest lie the devil ever told was that beef jerky is little more than a gas station snack.” – Me, just now.

But seriously. People’s Choice isn’t your generic, run-of-the-mill snacking experience. That simply doesn’t do artisan jerky justice.

This family business has been handcrafting jerky for over 90 years and 4 generations in the heart of downtown LA. Each and every small batch is handmade with the highest quality of ingredients by real people who really care.

From bold flavors like a garlic, sesame, and ginger-marinated flavor trio to a fiery Nashville Hot, they’ve got a pack for every palate (not to mention sugar-free jerky for the Keto enthusiasts out there). And it’s even better at times like these, ‘cuz it ships stress-free straight to your door.

Now you can help hospitals out with their Meat & Match program

People’s Choice isn’t just concerned about jerky — they care about people, too. This April, they’re showing thanks to local health care workers everywhere by donating a bag of jerky with every purchase.

Add a personalized message and they’ll send your well-wishes along with the goods. Good vibes and better meat… now there’s a concept we can get behind.

Snag yourself some jerky and support your local hospitals while you’re at it? Sounds like a pretty good setup to us.

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