"TeKu" Beer Glass

A beer glass for those who truly love good beer (i.e. non-chugging, non-beer bong). This is the glass to give to your friend who knows the exact IBU of that obscure IPA, the ideal temperature to ferment a German lager (52 degrees), and scoffs at you for ordering a light beer.

December 1, 2017

the story

TeKu created the world’s best beer glass by bringing together two titans of beer making: Italy and Germany. It all started when two Italian beer experts got together and recognized traditional beer glasses let all the sweet, sweet aromatics (AKA foamy bits) escape from the top of a pint.

So they paired up with legendary German glassmakers Rastal to forge the perfect beer glass. Taking inspiration from the ISO glass used to evaluate wine, the German-Italian partnership birthed the TeKu.

Made to truly taste any beer, these glasses are a must have for any beer snob.

why we like it

We like beer as much as the next person, but the way the TeKu glass works is what separates it from your typical pint. That foamy head on beer? That’s important and contains tons of delicious flavors and smells. This glass is designed to trap those aromas and aromatics so you can truly taste beer.

Plus, it just looks classy. You have a set of wine glasses for good wine, so why serve quality beer out of a Bart Simpson pint glass? These glasses instantly up your beer game and make decent beer taste great and amazing beer taste incredible.

the competition

Typical beer glasses offer a range of styles and shapes for each type of beer, but the TeKu glass is for every beer. One glass, infinite beers. From fruity wheats to deep, dark stouts.

And while novelty beer glasses are fun, TeKu’s beer glasses are for true craft beer drinkers. If they appreciate the subtle blends of hops in a well-balanced Saison, you can bet they’ll appreciate a glass that amplifies the flavor of beer.

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