The Hustle

MFM #87/#88: The millions to be made from Reddit

Shaan and Sam are joined by Greg Isenberg to discuss the multi-million dollar companies being created from the unbundling of Reddit.

Shaan and Sam are joined by Greg Isenberg. Greg’s an entrepreneur and VC currently running Late Checkout, a startup studio/agency trying to create startups by focusing on unbundling Reddit. He previously founded Islands (sold to WeWork), 5by (sold to StumbleUpon), Stress Limit.

The great unbundling 🧵

The formula to unbundle 🧪

Examples of Reddit companies 👽

Thousands of small businesses and a handful of large ones can potentially be built on top of Reddit.

Give away money to make money💰🎁

Shaan, Sam and Greg dive into the world of giveaways and opportunities in the space: “People have boring lives and want something exciting to happen.” Takeaway: How to apply slot machine-like fun to other businesses?

Companies using giveaways to grow

Why plugins are great businesses 🔌

..they are always on, have low churn rate, are a data treasure chest and users genuinely love them. Oh, and they can also generate millions.

Other nuggets 🏆

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