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An influencer is getting sued by Snap’s PR firm for not influencing hard enough. The Hustle Snapchat’s PR firm claps back at IG influencer for not influencing well enough Top dawg public relations firm PR Consulting is suing 20-year-old actor/model/INFLUENCER, Luka Sabbat, for $90k, alleging he didn’t influence enough for them. #relatable. PRC alleges it […]

An influencer is getting sued by Snap’s PR firm for not influencing hard enough.

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Snapchat’s PR firm claps back at IG influencer for not influencing well enough

Top dawg public relations firm PR Consulting is suing 20-year-old actor/model/INFLUENCER, Luka Sabbat, for $90k, alleging he didn’t influence enough for them.


PRC alleges it signed an agreement with Sabbat to share 3 Instagram stories and one post of him rocking the new Snap Spectacles with his 1.4m IG followers — but the baby-boy-toy only posted one story and one post.

The risks of hiring a 20-year-old hype beast

Snapchat hired the PR firm to hire an influencer to push its new v2 Snap Spectacle revamp on the very platform that steals everything Snap has ever done… and makes it better. Yikes…

Snap needed a boost after selling an underwhelming 220k of the v1 Specs back in 2016 (ultimately costing them $40m in the process), so Sabbat got paid $45k upfront with the promise of another $15k to post himself reppin’ the specs on the gram.

Of course, there were a few details ignored

The contract ordered Sabbat to add “swipe-up” links to 2 of those Story posts, get pre-approval with PRC, and send metrics tracking performance.

Sabbat said “eff that” on 2 of the Stories, one of the swipe-ups, the photo shoots, the pre-approvals and the analytics (because, frankly, why would you assign him that much responsibility?).

So, PRC sued him for the $45k it put down plus an additional $45k in damages, saying in the lawsuit filing, “Sabbat has been unjustly enriched.”

This makes Snapchat’s troubles the real spectacle

The platform claims they had nothing to do with PRC’s decision; ultimately the suit could do more damage to its already shaky reputation than the financial retribution PRC could receive.

Influencers have been long-labeled as kids who buy (and trash) McMansions, spend their fortunes on Postmates orders, and make tone-deaf videos about dead bodies — literally a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g to stay #relevant.

Now, according to the The Fashion Law, this case could underscore the need for prorated payment terms per post instead of collecting upfront fees.

More importantly: Stop trying to make Spectacles happen, Snapchat.

It’s not gonna happen!

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The first football helmet designed for kids just raised a $28.5m Series B

VICIS, a new-age football helmet startup backed by players like Aaron Rodgers, Jerry Rice, and Roger Staubach, has just raised another $28.5m, as concern mounts over the negative long-term effects of “going long.”

In tandem, the company has also launched the Zero1 Youth, adapted from their flagship adult helmet, the Zero1 and the first-ever football helmet made specifically for kids.

Wait… what have peewees been wearing this whole time?

Until now, kids’ football helmets have just been shrunken versions of adult dome knockers — and, if you’ve ever watched a 6-year-old in oversized football pads stumble downfield like a human bobblehead, you’ve probably wondered if those helmets are actually doing their job.

Now, with 2m kids playing youth football in the US, and new studies showing players who play tackle football before age 12 develop symptoms of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) far earlier in their sports careers, safety is a top concern for parents and health professionals alike.

Softer, better, faster, stronger?

VICIS’ helmets (or “head shields” as they describe them) use a softer outer shell, along with several protective layers to prevent concussions and other injuries.

How legit is it? Well, VICIS recently signed deals with the Army and Marine Corps for a combat-ready version of their tech. So, pretty legit.

But, the price of a safe noggin ain’t cheap: VICIS’ adult helmets retail at $950, and their youth helmet will set you back $495 — or 275 Lunchables.

» Trade ya

The maker of CryptoKitties just raised another $15m, because the people love it

Dapper Labs, the company behind the collectible digi-kitty phenom on blockchain, has raised $15m in a new round of funding.

With the new cash, the Canadian company wants to expand globally, and it seems like every company in the entertainment biz (WME and aXiomatic to name a few) is lookin’ to adopt a digital kitten.

Heeere, CryptoKitty, kitty, kitty…

Launched in 2017, the game that allows users to purchase digital cats to collect, breed, and trade (like Pokemon meets Tamagotchi), quickly became the leading consumer blockchain application outside of exchanges.

According to the company, the goal of CryptoKitties was, and still is, to showcase the use and benefits of blockchain for everyone. It’s also a goldmine: the average price for a CryptoKitten is $60, and some people have shelled out as much as $140k for a single digital feline.

To date, the company has raised $27.8m with more than 3.2m transactions and tens of millions of dollars transacted on the platform.

Now, it’s given birth to a full-on industry

The company said that the NFT (non-fungible token) standard that CryptoKitties created has opened brand new possibilities for digital ownership.

Since its launch, Dapper Labs has instituted a developer program and created a launchpad to help third-party teams build self-sustaining businesses within the ecosystem.

More importantly: It successfully breathed new life into the phrase “non-fungible,” which we can only assume both Merriam and Webster gave up on long ago.

» Like digital cat-nip

Uber wants to make drivers an offer they can’t refuse: free college tuition

As long as they stay loyal to the family, that is.

In an effort to reward top drivers’ commitment to the platform, Uber is launching a program called Uber Pro, which rewards good driver behavior with things like 5% fuel discounts, car maintenance, and even free tuition at Arizona State’s online program for drivers and their family.

CEO Dara Khosrowshahi calls it a model of how businesses and academia can work together to “contribute to the betterment of society.”

But it’s also a way for them to leverage their growing driver base

Uber has about 750k drivers in the US alone — enough to incentivize brands to offer driver discounts in exchange for an influx in business.

The Uber Pro program leverages strategic partnerships with brands to offer premium discounts with specific brands, e.g., 6.5% off gas at ExxonMobil stores and 25% off car maintenance through online network CarAdvise.

So, how do drivers qualify?

Uber Pro will consist of 4 tiers: partner, gold, platinum, and diamond. Drivers who maintain a 4.85-star rating or above will be eligible to move through the ranks, and those with over 3k rides on the platform will be eligible for education perks.

BUT, if their rating falls below 4.75 for any reason, they’ll be automatically disqualified. Uber says the 4.85 rating is “really achievable” for most drivers — our advice: Play it safe with the air fresheners.

» Cherry is a polarizing scent

You don’t settle for average, and Betterment wants you to start investing like it

It’s time to demand better from your financial services…and Betterment is here to help.

It starts with the F-word: fiduciary. It’s a dirty word for many in finance because it means they have to do what’s right for you rather than what’s right for them. But unlike those other folks, Betterment is on your side.

They strip away the jargon and give you guidance that’s in your best interest, whether or not it helps their bottom line. And their cutting-edge technology (backed by Nobel Prize-winning research) helps you make the most of your money for some of the lowest fees in the industry.

So, what’s the easiest way to get started?

Smart Saver: a low-risk investment portfolio for your extra cash

Your money can (and should) do more than just sit in your savings account, collecting digital dust.

With Betterment’s Smart Saver portfolio, you could earn more than the national average savings account without the typical junk that comes with them (hidden fees, penalties, you know the rub).

No smoke and mirrors here — just a smarter way to save for smarter people, like you.

Mo’ money, less problems →

FINE PRINT: Investing in securities involves risks and the potential of losing money.

shower thoughts

  1. Eating a spoonful of sugar is literally consuming crystals for energy.
  2. Dental braces are basically prisons for teeth. They lock up teeth that weren’t brought up properly until they ‘‘straighten up.’’
  3. Cheese is just a loaf of milk.
  4. The “don’t text and drive” signs on the highway are probably not seen often by their target demographic.
  5. Earth moves about one degree around the sun each day.
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