Somewhere, a man-bun just died: Robot baristas are coming

Coffee-making robots could soon be coming to a town near you. But they’re not as “futuristic” as they seem.

Sorry human latté-artists, it’s time to make way for… robots.

Somewhere, a man-bun just died: Robot baristas are coming

From the team that brought you Beats by Dre comes… Cafe X.

It’s a new, $25k automated barista designed by the Ammunition Group that, according to CNBC, “slings” 120 cups of hot cawffee an hour.

In a world… run by barista robots…

Cafe X launched last year in San Francisco. There is generally a human “specialist” (of what? We don’t know) there to monitor and maintain the area while the java-bot makes between 300 and 400 orders a day.

Prices are reportedly kept low, with little overhead, and no tip obligation for customers, so ya’ know… a win win for both sides of the coin.

At this point, human baristas should start praying for an androgynous outlaw-tté named Thane with a handlebar mustache to reclaim Homo sapiens’ cappuccino throne from robots 300 years from now…

So is the guy who always misspells my name really a goner?

Well, the robo-overhaul may not be that dramatic. Starbucks and other big coffeeshops reportedly have no plans to phase out humans, but there is healthy demand for barista-bots as part of the growing “robo-boom” in the food and beverage industry.

Cuz ya know… pizza-bots and burger-bots.

That said, the coffee-bot unit is basically a Keurig with a metal arm that holds a cup steady while a machine pours. You’ve seen them in 7/11’s for years, but of course, those aren’t as sexy as…

Cafe X.

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