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EMAILED ON February 8, 2019 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Refrigerdating: Samsung’s launching a dating app based on what’s in your refrigerator

If you’re reading this, you already know: As part of a promotional tactic for its new “smart” refrigerator, Samsung is releasing a fridge-based dating app called… “Refrigerdating.” 

But don’t get lost in the (refrigerated) sauce. This ain’t no “IHOb.” This is completely real… *Sigh* 

Beauty is only fridge-deep

Per its website, refrigerdating is a service that helps people find love based on the contents of a potential match’s refrigerator.

With the app, you upload a photo of the inside of the Samsung Family Hub smart fridge, and you can swipe right or left based on the beliefs of someone else’s fridge-relig’ and whether they align with your own.

According to CNET, Samsung worked with a relationship expert when creating the app — so it definitely legitimately wants you to find love and it’s NOT just trying to push its products on you.

But, for the people who can’t afford the $4k Family Hub Refrigerator — DON’T PANIC — you can also join the service without one.

Capitalism is a chilly mistress

Food is more than ever a part of people’s lifestyles, and with that comes a confounding amount of nuance (in short: all food gives you cancer, and you can’t date someone who’s OK with eating stuff that causes cancer).

Bottom line: Online dating’s been around for decades now and, with dating apps based on preferences of political, religious, even farming beliefs, niche dating services have proved to be a juice that’s worth the squeeze — making ideas like refrigerdating all the more upsetting.

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