The Founder of Sandwich Video Launched All Your Favorite Tech Products

People love a normal, bearded dude who can explain how things work.

September 20, 2016

You may not know it, but you most likely have seen this man before.

A few years ago, Adam Lisagor made a video to promote an app he had just built.

The app didn’t take off, but Adam’s video got noticed by Jack Dorsey (Twitter founder), who asked Adam to create a similar video for his new startup, Square.

The Square video led to the folks at Flipboard asking for one, too.

And then Airbnb. Then Groupon. Then Zipcar, Casper, and eBay.

By 2011, Adam had created over 30 videos that helped launch many of the tech products that you use everyday (Uber, Slack, Jawbone).

Then, in 2013, Adam and the Sandwich team made a promo video for Coin. Within a few days, it had millions of views and hit #1 on YouTube, helping Coin make $50,000 in 40 minutes.

Adam Lisagor, Sandwich Video, Coin

Adam Lisagor starring in the Coin video.

So what is it about the Sandwich videos that makes them different from all the other product launch videos out there?

Well, wouldn’t you like to know…

At Con Con, Adam will explain the framework his 15-person team uses to create a Sandwich video.

If you want to learn how he writes the scripts, the filming process and how to get millions of views, click here and get your ticket to Con Con.

Or, if you can’t make it, then make sure to watch all of his videos right now. Who knows… if you spend enough time watching ‘em all you’ll be able to figure them out.

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