The Hustle puts on a lot of events… and we get a lot of feedback

People always ask us for more time and collaboration with our amazing speakers so we’re making that happen with our newest event: Seat at the Table.

Seat at the Table is a salon dinner that combines world-class content with a delicious culinary experience.

It’s an opportunity for 30-40 of our most influential attendees to sit down with 3 experts, and discuss a topic that inspires them to take their companies and careers to the next level.

The people who come to Seat at the Table are innovators, influencers, and forward-thinkers. They are decision-makers at their current companies. They are small business owners who understand the value of the relationships that come from an event like this. They are aspiring entrepreneurs hungry for face time with the people they admire.

Tickets include entry to 2X the night before. That way, you can hear the women’s stories one night and have a meal with them the next.

How the night will play out

Guests arrive at 6:30pm
They grab their drink of choice and spend 30 minutes meeting the other people in the room.

At 7pm, everyone takes their seat
Food is served family style while the first speaker gives a 10 minute presentation and gives everyone the chance to eat, discuss, and collaborate.

Next, the main course is served
The second speaker stands up and speaks for 10 minutes.

Rinse and repeat for dessert
Topics will vary depending on the city and speakers from the night before.

Our cities