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EMAILED ON September 18, 2018 BY Wes Schlagenhauf

Moviepass competitor Sinemia brings the all-you-can watch movie plan back to theaters

A month after MoviePass nixed their too-good-to-be-true $10 per month unlimited movie plan (costing them millions, and sending its parent company’s stock plummeting), Sinemia, its lesser-known rival, has stepped in with an unlimited viewing option of its own.

It’s just way more expensive…

Sinemia’s unlimited plan is similar to that of MoviePass — a movie a day at any theatre you want — but, at $30 a month. Sinemia’s founder, Rifat Oguz, believes the cost of “unlimited” is worth a lit-tle more than a penny under 10 bones.

Unlike MoviePass, the company doesn’t have all its popcorn in one subscription basket: The unlimited plan is just one of Sinema’s 10 plans, starting as low as $5 for one movie ticket per month.

MoviePass has gone mad and Sinemia’s reaping the benefits

Founded in 2014, Sinemia’s infinity model has been around for years (mainly in Europe), but Oguz didn’t feel the time was right to offer a plan 3X that of MoviePass in the US.

So, instead, they sat back and learned from the beleaguered company’s mistakes, waiting for the perfect time to enter the fold.

Aside from having undergone years of testing and data analysis to find that sustainable sweet spot, Ogaz also learned how to price his product from MP’s parent company and their mandatory public financial reports.

Apparently, it’s a price point 2.5X higher than the cost of a single ticket, not 6 bucks less.

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