Sometimes, coffee and a cold shower doesn’t cut it. After we finish a 14 hour day at the office, we have to relax. Soothe is the in-home massage that relaxes away tension at home (or work).

the story

Soothe allows you to get a five-star massage experience in the comfort of your own home. No driving to the massage store, (is that really what it’s called, the massage store?).

With Soothe, a certified massage therapist comes to your home, like a doctor making a housecall. Best of all, they bring the massage table, fresh linens, and all the accoutrements to leave you feeling like a million bucks. No driving, no waiting, no sketchy therapists, just an in-home visit from a licensed relaxation expert.

why we like it

There is no better way to relax the stress and tension of planning a 3,000 person event away like getting a massage right there in the office. After the sales team crushes a goal, we unwind with Soothe.

It’s hard enough to organize an office Christmas party, can you imagine trying to get 17 people in one place for a trip to the spa? Nightmare.

With Soothe, we schedule a time and wait for the magic to happen. They come to our office ready to make all our troubles melt away. Plus, you can either go back to work, or curl up in a robe and watch Netflix when it’s over — just don’t tell Sam.

And the price won’t make your wallet sore, because it beats high-end spa prices by a mile.

the competition

Soothe’s only real competition is Zeel, another on-demand massage app with a similar value proposition. Full disclosure: we’ve never tried them. But according to their website, they’re slightly less expensive than Soothe and offer a membership program.

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