Equinox and SoulCycle are partnering to create a talent agency for fitness influencers

Soul Cycle and their parent company Equinox Holdings continue to build their ‘tribe’ as they partner with WME to rep some of their famous fitness instructors.

Abs, calves, and bags — of money, that is. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that SoulCycle and its parent company, Equinox Holdings, will launch a talent management company for its roster of star fitness instructors.

The agency is currently unnamed, but the program is the first of a multi-tiered plan to boost professional and personal brands of some of SoulCycle’s top trainers through social media and sponsorships with talent agency WME advising.

Where there are followers, there’s a market

It pays to have a hot bod these days, especially if you’re confident enough to teach others how to also achieve said level of bod-liness.

Now, according to Fast Company, gym rats are becoming just as popular as fashion influencers, and can earn up to $26k per sponsored Instagram post.

Heavy hitter fitness trainers like Kayla Itsines or Jen Selter have 10m+ followers, and, it follows that WME sees dollar signs.

But, don’t let the partnership fool you

Equinox claims to look at it less like a talent agency, and more like an ‘employee development’ program. 

It’s similar to their talent incubator program, PROJECT, that aims to put some of the top trainers in the same room to help improve the industry — so they can work on their physique and their image at the same time.

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