What Soylent, tomatoes, and orange juice have to do with each other

It’s been about a week now since Soylent’s newest product, the $2 Food Bar, started making people sick and prompted a recall.

We held off on covering it in case some bombshell story came out about a disgruntled employee deciding to enact Montezuma’s revenge, but nope, never happened.

Turns out it was only a few isolated cases. And to test the quality, some brave Soylent employees actually ate the remaining “contaminated” bars and lived to tell the tale.

But we’d hate to keep you hanging, so here are a couple other food-related tidbits to bring to the dinner table.

First, why you shouldn’t refrigerate tomatoes

Researchers at the University of Florida found that storing tomatoes at 41° Fahrenheit for 7 days reduces the fruit’s levels of “volatile compounds” (aka. flavor) by up to 65%.

And letting them warm back up afterward doesn’t help either. So keep ‘em in the bowl by the microwave or something. No fridge, okay?

Second, why you shouldn’t drink orange juice

It used to be one of the best parts of waking up, but recently orange juice has fallen out of style in a BIG way.

Turns out OJ is about as nutritionally good for you as a glass of soda or a bag of M&Ms — 153 calories, 34g of carbohydrates, 27g of sugar, 2.4g of protein.

Sure, it has some Vitamin C that can keep you healthy. But pretty much every vegetable contains more Vitamin C than OJ… without all the bad stuff.

Orange Juice’s time in the sun is coming to an end. Time to blindly follow the next fad.

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