Stanley One Hand Vacuum Mug

There are plenty of travel coffee mugs out there, but none are as good as the Stanley. It keeps drinks warm (or cold) for 7 hours, never spills, looks great, and comes with a lifetime warranty. Never leave home without it.

the story

Stanley’s brand speaks for itself. Founded in 1913, the company made its name by combining the science of vacuum insulation (surrounding a rigid core with an airless enclosure) with the strength of steel.

Whenever you see their logo on a thermos, mug, cooler, piece of cookware, or lunchbox, it’s pretty much a guarantee that whatever you’re buying is good quality. Nothing flashy, just super reliable.

Plus, all of their products come with a lifetime warranty, so if it ever stops working you can get another free of charge and no questions asked.

why we like it

Most people have a cupboard at home full of old plastic travel mugs that either: A) spill hot liquid everytime you hit a bump, B) aren’t actually good at maintaining temperature, or C) went out of style.

Finding the perfect coffee mug feels like the quest for the Holy Grail — you know it’s probably out there, but it takes an intrepid archaeologist and their aging, inexplicably Scottish father to sort through all the noise.

Which is why we love the Stanley travel mug’s iconic simplicity. The 16 oz. model holds the right amount of coffee to maintain a buzz, but not go Honoré de Balzac on your Monday (he supposedly drank 50 cups of coffee per day).

We haven’t found a better, more reliable mug than the Stanley. Plus, it just gets better and better with the dings, dents, and scratches it collects. Call us old school, but we love high-quality durable products that you only have to buy once.

the competition

The travel mug market is crowded but there are a few standouts. Zojirushi’s Stainless Steel Mug comes highly recommended (4.7/5 stars on Amazon) for being lightweight, having a spill-proof lid, and keeps liquids hot for an ungodly amount of time. That said, the bottle looks and feels a little like a sippy cup when you push the button to flip up the top.

Additionally, a cheaper alternative than the Zojirushi is the Contigo AUTOSEAL Travel Mug. It’s vacuum insulated and stainless steel with a push-button top.

Go to any convenience store, Target, Starbucks, or your parents’ pantry to see the others options, but we’ll leave you with the “top” customer review on the Stanley 16 oz. courtesy of Ben“The other day my favorite mug was ran over by a construction trailer, after retrieving and inspecting damage thought mug was gone forever. Well to my dismay mug is still functioning and with no leakage. With a little cleanup i am still able to use the mug dents and all.”


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