Amazon will use AI to deliver free samples of products it knows you want

With its treasure trove of user data, Amazon wants to revolutionize the ad targeting business by delivering free samples of what consumers like right to their doorstep.

Wes Schlagenhauf • January 9, 2019

AI platform Sentieo raises $19m Series A to replace the Bloomberg Terminal

AI-powered “investment research software” Sentieo has raised $19m to pour some marketing fuel on its SaaS fire.

Lindsey Quinn • October 31, 2018

Eye-robot: AI is taking over, but this robo revolution isn’t what Will Smith expected

From car dashboards to sales calls, AI bots are becoming increasingly common in unexpected places.

Conor Grant • October 24, 2018

AI Superlatives: Here’s what’s happening in the global race for AI supremacy

China and the US are still ‘most likely to succeed’ in the global AI race -- but there are a couple of “late bloomers” rising in the ranks.

Wes Schlagenhauf • May 3, 2018

Demand for surveillance tech drives facial-recognition company’s value to $4.5B

SenseTime, a Chinese facial-recognition technology company, just pulled a piping-hot $600m of funding out of the oven — making the company nearly twice as valuable as the 2nd-hottest AI startup, Shanghai-based Yitu. The Chinese State Council’s 3-step strategic plan for AI-domination by 2030 has positioned SenseTime for lucrative government contracts and investment from Chinese heavyweights […]

Conor Grant • April 10, 2018

Parents petition against AI baby monitor that raises your kids

Over 15k parents, psychologists, and privacy experts have signed a petition to keep Mattel from releasing Aristotle, an Amazon Echo-like device for kids.

The Hustle • October 4, 2017

“I believe the future belongs to AI”

That’s 19-year-old world champion Ke Jie upon a recently losing a game of Go to Google’s AlphaGo robot.

The Hustle • May 24, 2017

F.B. codes home

Zuckerberg gets back to his roots and creates AI from scratch to run his home.

The Hustle • December 20, 2016

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