Quarantine got you talking to yourself? Try a little botty language

Replika is a smartphone app designed to deliver AI-generated conversation. In April, users flocked to it.

Caroline Dohack • June 17, 2020

One airline’s weird strategy for raising capital in a pandemic: selling its prized artworks

The sales may not help mend the airline’s reputation -- British lawmakers called it the company a “national disgrace.”

Nick DeSantis • June 15, 2020

Hollywood is back — just not as we know it

Live studio audiences are discouraged. Sex and fight scenes will look different, too.

Belle Long • June 10, 2020

What to expect as New York City begins to reopen

Retailers, construction companies, manufacturers, and wholesalers can all get back to business, but some won’t do so right away.

Nick DeSantis • June 8, 2020

Who is enforcing corporate mask policies?

Every company under the sun is releasing new safety standards. But many ring hollow.

Michael Waters • June 8, 2020

Trends predictions for a post-COVID world

A pandemic wasn’t on our list of predictions for 2020 -- but it’s our reality. Here’s where we think the business world will go next.

Julia Janks • June 4, 2020
Predictions for a post-pandemic economy.

27 Trends community predictions for a post-pandemic world

We asked our Trends subscribers to predict the hottest products and industries of the future. Here's what they said.

The Hustle • June 3, 2020

Our pandemic pivot to Zoom Everything brought the company some big gains

Zoom’s Q1 revenues were up 169% over last year.

Nick DeSantis • June 3, 2020

Rents in San Francisco are a-tumblin’

Leasers, on your marks: The city’s 1-bedroom rent is down 9.2%.

Michael Waters • June 3, 2020

The trading trends of 2 key biopharma stocks are raising eyebrows

Experts say fortuitously timed trades of Moderna and Gilead Sciences could draw scrutiny from regulators.

Nick DeSantis • June 2, 2020

Unrest across America: The early impact on businesses

We’ll help you take stock of the moment, learn from it, and help others.

Nick DeSantis • June 1, 2020

Reopening alone won’t bring back the workforce

For the economy to come back, we have to deal with the kids first.

Michael Waters • June 1, 2020

People counting? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Social distancing means crowd-management companies are taking off.

Michael Waters • June 1, 2020

Ready to revisit that reopened business? You may need a reservation

And companies that help you nab that prized rez are here to help.

Nick DeSantis • May 29, 2020

The stock market is sporting some rose-colored glasses

Regular people are struggling. But the stock market is actually doing… pretty well?

Michael Waters • May 28, 2020

People want to escape, and rental companies are listening

They’re turning the traditional 3-night stay into 3-month stays -- or 3-hour stays.

Belle Long • May 28, 2020

Gather ’round the virtual watercooler…

… because virtual reality offices are like a mashup of Dilbert and The Sims.

Nick DeSantis • May 28, 2020

As the country reopens, frozen industries show signs of thawing

The picture is still bleak in many areas, but green shoots are starting to emerge.

Nick DeSantis • May 27, 2020

Want a refund for your concert ticket? Good luck with that

Ticketmaster has a new enemy: Stan armies.

Michael Waters • May 27, 2020

Tech’s bigwigs team up to coordinate plasma donations from COVID-19 survivors

Microsoft, Uber, the Gates Foundation, and others want to make it easier to gather survivors’ plasma -- and disease-fighting antibodies.

Belle Long • May 27, 2020

Welcome to the era of the socially distant stock exchange

When the trading floor reopens, workers will be greeted by plenty of plexiglass -- and even more rules.

The Hustle • May 26, 2020

How the corona crisis changed the game for some of your favorite summer staples

Every day might still feel the same, but you can tell it’s summer by what’s on our shopping carts.

Nick DeSantis • May 25, 2020

Thinking of getting away this summer? Hope you like your home state

States have a tourism problem — so they’re pitching themselves to their own residents.

Michael Waters • May 25, 2020

Pack your thermometers: Hotels are gearing up for new arrivals

Your next overnight stay is going to get weird.

Michael Waters • May 22, 2020

The pandemic heats up the ecommerce race to take on Amazon

Shopify wants to mom-and-popify online retail, but is an alliance with Facebook unholy?

Nick DeSantis • May 22, 2020

Logomania is coming for your face masks

The mask you’re wearing is some very valuable branding real estate.

Caroline Dohack • May 21, 2020

Meet the new jobs of the reopening economy

Contact tracers, temperature checkers, and social distancing monitors are all coming to businesses near you.

Nick DeSantis • May 20, 2020

The pandemic tells a very different tale for 3 big retailers

Updates from a few titans of US retail show how the sector is shaking out into a few winners and lots of losers.

Nick DeSantis • May 20, 2020

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