Digits: A viral boating app, virtual influencers, and more

Plus: Solar retailers, washboard sales, and low-budget horror surprises.

Jacob Cohen • January 30, 2023

Digits: Accountants, the egg-conomy, and more wild new numbers

Digits: Accountants, the egg-conomy, and more wild new numbers

Jacob Cohen • January 23, 2023

Digits: Fireball, the IRS, T-Swift, and more news numbers

Plus: Payment “sounds,” and the 1%.

Jacob Cohen • January 17, 2023

Digits: EV sales, a new patent king, and more news numbers

Plus: “Retail shrink,” census changes, and Macao’s casino collapse.

Jacob Cohen • January 9, 2023

Digits: TikTok ban-ter, virtual people businesses, and more news numbers

Plus: American chip manufacturing, Salary Transparent Street, and Tesla deliveries.

Jacob Cohen • January 3, 2023

Digits: Submarines, songs, and other news numbers

Plus: Financial engineering degrees, shortening songs, and Twitter’s ad traffic.

Jacob Cohen • December 19, 2022

Digits: Jeans, screens, and more news numbers

Plus: Streamers deal with churn, and Waze makes a U-turn.

Jacob Cohen • December 12, 2022

Digits: bombers, boxes, bottles, and more

Plus: Bottles and soccer balls.

Jacob Cohen • December 5, 2022

Digits: Butter, weed, and more wild numbers

Plus: A $600k+ goat statue, $2B in charity, and young YouTube moguls.

Jacob Cohen • November 28, 2022

Digits: Twitter math, sports betting, and more

Plus: The Wii U’s anniversary, and a railroad strike.

Jacob Cohen • November 21, 2022

Digits: FT-Ex, Prime Air, and more

Plus: Wordle’s leader, landline numbers, and a neat Uber stat.

Jacob Cohen • November 14, 2022

Digits: Airplane seats, Egyptian internet cables, and more

Plus: Algorithms, Powerball, and tattoos.

Jacob Cohen • November 7, 2022

Digits: Leaves, lipstick, T-Swift, and more

Plus: A new shopping app may be on the horizon, and Amp lowers its volume.

Jacob Cohen • October 31, 2022

Digits: A crazy heist, Instacart’s growth, and more wild numbers

Plus: Instacart’s growth, Made in America, and nuns.

Jacob Cohen • October 24, 2022

Digits: Jellyfish, oranges, Kodak, and more

Plus: Denim archaeologists and Apple Watch “attach rates.”

Jacob Cohen • October 17, 2022

Digits: Airbnb horror, pumpkins, and more

Plus: Baseball taxes, Goodwill, and $2.5B mink drama.

Jacob Cohen • October 10, 2022

Digits: Tomatoes, TikToks, and more

Plus: Porsche’s IPO and wild Google Lens stats.

Jacob Cohen • October 3, 2022

Digits: Pricy paintings, missing millions, and more

Disparities in homeownership, a big art auction, bad plugins, and more digits.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • August 29, 2022

Digits: Garbage cans, Quidditch, and Toronto

Plus: Instagram stats, and the USPS goes greener than planned.

Jacob Cohen • July 25, 2022

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