How do you feel about the job market? Probably pretty weird

Gotta love the bizarro world of job stats: Hiring is down and layoffs are up, yet unemployment is static. What gives?

Ben Berkley • November 13, 2023
A young woman looks back toward a cracked doorway.

The American economy is fine, but Americans aren’t

Despite data suggesting things aren’t half bad, the nation remains unhappy about the economy. Why?

Ben Berkley • November 2, 2023
Illustrations of signature handbags from linked luxury fashion brands Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, and Balenciaga. Each bag has a red downward arrow highlighted in its design, alongside its corresponding percent dip in sales.

Luxury brands seek a miracle inside their (ostentatious, overpriced) bag of tricks

A rough earnings season has high-end retailers fearing a prolonged slump.

Ben Berkley • October 30, 2023
increase in skilled trade program enrollment

Degrees of separation: As college enrollment drops, trade school sign-ups rise

Six figures of debt and no job? Minimal debt and a job with an above-median salary? The latter’s appeal is growing.

Ben Berkley • April 23, 2023
Average US work hours

Working hardly or hardly working? Americans’ on-the-job hours are dropping

US employees have shaved 30 minutes off their average workweeks since 2019.

Jacob Cohen • April 9, 2023

What is supercore inflation?

“Supercore inflation” is a term used to describe the rising cost of goods and services, minus food, energy, and housing.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • March 13, 2023
how MBAs stack up against inflation

The MBA vs inflation

Tech layoffs could mean more potential applicants.

Jacob Cohen • March 13, 2023

Americans want revenge on companies for bad service

Nearly 75% of Americans had a problem with a company in the last year.

Mark Dent • March 8, 2023

Will ‘premiumization’ disrupt the economy?

Companies want to sell higher-priced goods to fewer customers.

Mark Dent • March 7, 2023
value of US real estate

The housing market posted its biggest drop since 2008, but it’s still up

Despite a $2.3T dip, the housing market has netted significant growth in recent years.

Jacob Cohen • February 24, 2023

What cardboard can tell us about the economy

We can learn more from boxes than you might expect.

Jacob Cohen • February 3, 2023

Why are there so many tech layoffs?

Cheap money is out, and companies hired lots of people during the pandemic.

Mark Dent • January 24, 2023

What’s happening with wage growth?

Hourly wages are growing fast as ever. That could spell higher costs.

Jacob Cohen • January 3, 2023

What are bonuses looking like this holiday season?

Across industries, bonuses are looking less likely.

Jacob Cohen • December 12, 2022

TSMC ups its Arizona chip investment to $40B

A major update on the Taiwan chip problem.

Jacob Cohen • December 7, 2022

We narrowly avoided a rail strike. Now what?

The economy was spared — but what about the rail workers?

Jacob Cohen • December 6, 2022

Where are the rest of the gifts?

There may be a little extra room under the tree this year.

Rob Litterst • October 28, 2022

What to know about the Taiwan chip situation

The world put all its chips in one basket — now it’s trying to decentralize.

Jacob Cohen • October 25, 2022

Truss’ resignation is all about the economy

And lettuce, apparently.

Jacob Cohen • October 21, 2022

The banker who caused the 1929 stock crash 

At the outset of the Depression, Charles Mitchell was the most wanted banker in America. Today, his name’s largely been forgotten.

Mark Dent • September 30, 2022

The economic indicator that uses egg-and-cheese sandwiches

Beyond sandwiches and soup, Pret A Manger offers insight to the global economy.

Rob Litterst • August 23, 2022

The ever-reliable $1.50 Costco hot dog combo

Costco has never — and likely will never — raise the price of its $1.50 hot dog combo.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • July 15, 2022

Inflation is coming for your cookout

The cost of a Fourth of July cookout is up 17% YoY.

Rob Litterst • July 1, 2022

Will a recession get people back in the office?

Will a recession lead to a return to the office? Or will WFH reign supreme?

Juliet Bennett Rylah • June 24, 2022

The ‘misery index’ is rising

Whether we enter a recession, people are miserable.

Jacob Cohen • June 17, 2022

Why recessions are inevitable

Recessions are inevitable, but how you respond is up to you.

Morgan Housel, The Collaborative Fund • June 16, 2022

Bear and bull markets, explained

Bulls are good, bears are bad — but why do we use those animals to refer to markets?

Juliet Bennett Rylah • June 15, 2022

US household wealth hits a snag

The US household net worth dropped for the first time in two years.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • June 13, 2022

Where are all the pizza delivery drivers?

A delivery driver shortage is forcing pizza chains to make some big changes.

Rob Litterst • June 10, 2022

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