This family business set out to fill a gap in the beauty industry

Racheal Williams says Black customers are underrepresented in the hair-care industry. She and her relatives founded a business to fix that.

Belle Long • June 24, 2020

AI is helping scientists sort through heaps of coronavirus research

The tools are vital, because the mountain of medical research on COVID-19 is growing.

Nick DeSantis • June 22, 2020

A new treatment for ADHD? First-ever Rx video game lands a high score

This announcement of FDA approval for a prescription video game could break new ground in digital therapeutics.

Caroline Dohack • June 17, 2020

How Theo Harvey got ahead in the health wearables game

SynsorMed’s revenue has jumped 40% as more doctors experiment with telehealth.

Michael Waters • June 11, 2020

Reebok and partner gyms walk away from CrossFit after CEO’s ‘FLOYD-19’ tweet

When Greg Glassman spoke out, his company’s partners said they’d seen enough.

Nick DeSantis • June 9, 2020

Customer service’s big pivot: Let’s just chat

Something on your mind? Businesses want to take your call.

Michael Waters • June 2, 2020

The trading trends of 2 key biopharma stocks are raising eyebrows

Experts say fortuitously timed trades of Moderna and Gilead Sciences could draw scrutiny from regulators.

Nick DeSantis • June 2, 2020

Meet the new jobs of the reopening economy

Contact tracers, temperature checkers, and social distancing monitors are all coming to businesses near you.

Nick DeSantis • May 20, 2020

Get ready for a wave of returning-to-work tools

Salesforce is one of the first companies out of the gate, but if the Zoom copycats are any clue, others won’t be far behind.

Nick DeSantis • May 5, 2020

Virtual babysitters are here to give isolated parents a break

Some new services could be just what parents need for keeping the kids occupied.

Nick DeSantis • May 1, 2020

This squadron of planes flies nightly missions to deliver your lab tests

The pilots of the “Quest Diagnostics Air Force” scramble while you’re sleeping.

Nick DeSantis • May 1, 2020

Is This (Finally) Telemedicine’s Moment?

Virtual primary care apps, at-home diagnostics and caregiver training are all opportunities primed to grow if the current uptake in telemedicine continues.

Trung T. Phan • April 15, 2020

Everyone’s buzzing about virtual haircuts

It’s finally time to stop avoiding it. It’s time to cut your hair.

Michael Waters • April 15, 2020

A major moment for digital mental health services

Companies offering remote care are seeing a surge in demand. Can they keep up?

Nick DeSantis • April 15, 2020

Faster than a speeding supercomputer: Volunteers amp up a disease-fighting project

Stanford University’s Folding@Home is getting huge, thanks to an influx of users.

Nick DeSantis • April 15, 2020

Pet owners find new ways to connect with vets, trainers, and each other

Pet care looks different these days, so it’s a good thing Fido doesn’t care about your screen-time report.

Caroline Dohack • April 15, 2020

Get dumped? The coronavirus creates a tale of 2 trash heaps

In some wealthy NYC neighborhoods, sanitation workers are seeing lighter loads.

Caroline Dohack • April 14, 2020

Lifting less in quarantine? Blame the supply chain

Equipment for your home gym is disappearing.

Michael Waters • April 10, 2020

Condom makers stiffen production to meet shortages, but can they keep it up?

Lockdowns are disrupting the contraceptive supply chain. But don’t expect a baby boom.

Nick DeSantis • April 3, 2020

Ready to run your first marathon? Get set to open your wallet

Not long ago, running a marathon was a fairly niche pursuit. But now, it’s incredibly common. It’s also incredibly expensive.

Caroline Dohack • November 22, 2019

Brand on the run: Equinox doubles down on the treadmill trend

Equinox just launched a new type of studio called Precision Run that is designed exclusively for treadmill classes.

Conor Grant • January 30, 2019

Who owns the Ironman? The 4-decade battle for the world’s most iconic endurance race

A box of papers delivered to a couple in the early years of the Ironman competition set off decades of lawsuits as the event continued climbing the ranks of the world’s most iconic sports brands.

Wes Schlagenhauf • January 28, 2019

Big green: Aurora Cannabis to buy MedReleaf in $2.5B takeover

Consolidation in Canada’s Mary Jane industry just took a big toke, with 2 of the largest firms agreeing on a massive merger.

Wes Schlagenhauf • May 17, 2018

I fasted for 2 weeks to see if it would make me more productive

One of our writers tried the hottest productivity trend in Silicon Valley. But does it actually work?

Wes Schlagenhauf • December 5, 2017

How We Launched a Physical Product in 3 Months

How we went from idea to physical product to launch in three months with no prior experience, and how you can do it too.

Max A • November 20, 2017

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