The hip bone’s connected to the… which bone? Your surgeon might be turning to YouTube to find out

Thanks to various technologies, doctors are consulting videos and VR more than ever -- but not all patients are comfortable with that.

Conor Grant • November 27, 2019

You call this biotech? It’s more like bio-sketch

11 biotech companies have filed for bankruptcy so far this year, making 2019 the worst year for biotech in a decade.

Caroline Dohack • November 21, 2019

Say hello to the world’s most expensive drug, courtesy of Novartis

FDA approval of the world’s most expensive drug sparks hope for SMA patients... and debate over healthcare costs.

Emily Kelley • May 30, 2019

Just 3 companies own the global insulin market, and they’re all allergic to fair prices 

Prices for insulin have skyrocketed, and it’s up to the three companies who own the entire market to voluntarily lower them… spoiler alert: they aren’t.

Lindsey Quinn • October 26, 2018

Natural Cycles’ Facebook ad banned in the UK over ‘misleading’ claims

Natural Cycles gets its Facebook ad removed by the UK regulatory system for being ‘misleading’ to customers.

Wes Schlagenhauf • August 30, 2018

As profits fall, AstraZeneca shareholders revolt against CEO’s compensation

As CEO pay packages continue to rise, shareholders are starting to pick up their pitchforks when executive bonuses don’t line up with corporate performance.

Conor Grant • May 22, 2018

Years of price-gouging ensure there are no competitors to address EpiPen shortage

After dodging numerous attempts at regulation, the company that makes EpiPens has kept its competitors so small that they can’t even address the current supply backlog.

Conor Grant • May 10, 2018

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