The Porsche Design Tower, surrounded by cars on a blue background.

Branded residences aren’t just for hotels anymore

Brands are slapping their names on condos, offering loyal customers a lifestyle experience.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • 1 day ago
new apartment construction by year

Apartments are getting built at a record clip — it’s too bad they aren’t the right kind

Almost nine out of every 10 new apartments built in the US this decade are “high-end” units.

Ben Berkley • September 11, 2023
houses in a neighborhood

Will the Bay Area get a new city?

Another group of deep-pocketed investors want to build a brand new city. Will this one happen?

Juliet Bennett Rylah • August 28, 2023

Looking for an edge in attracting talent? Give ’em a reasonable place to live

Employers, led by school districts, are using affordable housing to combat labor shortages.

Ben Berkley • August 17, 2023
apartment graphic

The answer to sky-high housing prices may also be sky-high

Turning “zombie” office buildings into residential towers could help correct a brutal market.

Ben Berkley • August 9, 2023
apartment building

Does your apartment come with junk fees?

Application fees, trash collection, pet rent — the White House is taking aim at hidden apartment fees.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • July 20, 2023

Can fewer stairs improve housing?

Some American municipalities want to ditch a long-standing rule that requires two staircases per apartment building.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • June 14, 2023

The developers who see dollar signs in abandoned downtowns

In today’s real estate market, finding a struggling office building that’s just right is like “a golden ticket.”

Alex Mayyasi • April 21, 2023
house swap

Wanna travel cheap? Borrow someone’s house

Home-swapping platform Kindred just raised $15m to expand. It lets members vacation in each other’s houses.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • April 21, 2023

Will you be my valentine — uh… I mean roommate?

New data sheds some light on housing costs and relationships.

Jacob Cohen • February 14, 2023

The Manhattan high-rise that shrunk itself down

In 1986, a New York zoning activist made a startling discovery: A newly constructed building was over a dozen floors too high. What followed was one of the strangest outcomes in the history of big-city housing.

Michael Waters • February 4, 2023

Are people buying houses again?

If interest rates fall to 5.5%, the market may recover.

Mark Dent • February 3, 2023

Why foreigners can’t buy Canadian homes

Canada, in an effort to curb the housing shortage, is banning foreign investors from buying for two years.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • January 5, 2023

How Airbnb plans to get ahead of a shortage

How the company plans to get more hosts.

Jacob Cohen • December 2, 2022

The problem with rental applications

Prospective tenants pay a lot in application fees only to be met with inaccurate background checks.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • November 18, 2022

How America’s top real estate agent sells 16 homes every day

A typical agent in the US closes on 10 homes in a year. One record-setting agent in Texas does better than that nearly every day.

Mark Dent • November 11, 2022

Zoomtowns are drying up, literally

As remote workers settle in new areas, they’re driving up housing costs and straining resources.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • October 25, 2022

Why homebuilders are in panic mode

Rising rates and low demand are causing builders to sell their inventory to investors in bulk.

Rob Litterst • October 5, 2022

WTH is Adam Neumann’s startup anyhow?

Adam Neumann’s back with a real estate startup already valued at $1B. But… what is it?

Juliet Bennett Rylah • August 19, 2022

Cities vs. slumlords

NYC’s attorney general fines a company for trying to force low-income tenants out so it could flip their units.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • August 10, 2022

Digits: Hummers, dog hotels, and $1T gift cards

Plus, more numbers about airplane innovations and cities seeing rent drops.

Jacob Cohen • July 5, 2022

Lease-to-own agreements are blowing up

The model offers an alternative to traditional homeownership, but it has some downsides.

Mia Sullivan • July 1, 2022

The ‘Yellowstone’ housing crisis, explained

As Paramount’s hit show has soared, so have Montana’s housing prices.

Jacob Cohen • June 8, 2022

The rise of live-in landlords, explained

Young homeowners are renting out rooms of their house to deal with rising home prices and mortgage rates.

Mia Sullivan • May 16, 2022

Are smart buildings a smart move?

Running your office building like a computer has some pros and cons.

Mia Sullivan • May 10, 2022

Wooden skyscrapers look cool — and they’re sustainable, too

Wooden skyscrapers are coming. They look great, do well in earthquakes and fire, and reduce carbon emissions.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • April 28, 2022

An earthship is a house that powers itself

A rare earthship listing hit the real estate market. Earthships are self-sustaining, off-grid homes.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • April 15, 2022

As Airbnb grows, so do cleaning fees

Relative Google search interest for “cleaning fees” is up 212%.

Jacob Cohen • April 14, 2022

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