Sponge cities are sopping up climate change

Concrete cities are installing infrastructure to soak up excess water.

Sara Friedman • October 20, 2022

How businesses in Jackson are getting by without water

The city’s struggle illustrates how much small businesses depend on a reliable water supply.

Mark Dent • September 7, 2022

Digits: ‘Quiet quitting,’ canola oil, and more

Plus: A TikTok slowdown, a Tesla speedup, and road trip struggles.

Jacob Cohen • August 15, 2022

A billionaire wants to build a brand new city in the American desert

Can a billionaire make a single-tax, sustainable city in the desert work?

Juliet Bennett Rylah • September 10, 2021

Telecom providers will spend $720B on 5G. How will they make money back?

Telecom carriers are launching metaverse projects to capitalize on their huge 5G spend.

Trung T. Phan • August 13, 2021

Autodesk is the most important software company you’ve never heard of

Autodesk is a $65B software firm that powers the critical infrastructure our lives depend on.

Rob Litterst • July 14, 2021

Can tech companies make bike commutes safer?

US cities aren’t well-designed for biking. But tech companies might be able to help.

Michael Waters • October 13, 2020

Nikola and Tesla are fighting it out over the future of trucking

You’re not losing your mind: Two companies named for the same dead inventor are jockeying for room in the fast lane.

Nick DeSantis • June 11, 2020

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