Cathie Wood’s bold bets have yet to pay off

If you invested in her ARK Innovation ETF five years ago, you’d be in the red today.

Jacob Cohen • December 13, 2022

Why you need to play your own game when investing

If you don’t know what you want out of investing, it’s easy to be tempted into bad decisions.

Morgan Housel, The Collaborative Fund • June 3, 2022

Five rules to remember when investing

Morgan Housel shares five rules to remember during a turbulent market.

Morgan Housel, The Collaborative Fund • May 20, 2022

Morgan Housel’s 3 most important investing skills

Few skills really matter when it comes to investing, and times like these call for a reminder.

Morgan Housel, The Collaborative Fund • March 1, 2022

Morgan Housel: How to be a genius when everyone is going crazy

Morgan Housel describes the underappreciated secret to become an investing genius.

Morgan Housel, The Collaborative Fund • February 11, 2022

Dr. Parik Patel’s tweets of the week #2

AMC jokes, funny meme templates and what investors actually care about

Trung T. Phan • June 3, 2021

Forget currencies, Coinbase is switching up employee compensation

Coinbase is banning salary negotiation and speeding up equity payouts.

Jacob Cohen • May 28, 2021

Stanley Druckenmiller: “The greatest investors make large concentrated bets where they have a lot of conviction”

The investing legend tells us whether we are in another tech bubble, the appeal of Bitcoin, what makes a great investor and more

Trung T. Phan • May 26, 2021

Dr. Parik Patel’s tweets of the week #1

Fake investor Twitter profiles, Bitcoin rainbow charts and "everybody will be in the creator economy"

Trung T. Phan • May 20, 2021

Meet GRIND Basketball: the world’s most affordable basketball shooting machine

Founded by a former high school basketball star, GRIND is aiming to be the Peloton of basketball...and just pitched Shark Tank to help get there.

Trung T. Phan • May 8, 2021

Dr. Parik Patel breaks down why commodity prices are ripping

Everything you need to know about lumber, crude, palladium, corn and wheat.

Trung T. Phan • May 6, 2021

Dr. Parik Patel breaks down the top meme-y crypto coins

Everything you need to know about Dogecoin, Safemoon, Cumrocket, Jesus Coin, Garlicoin.

Trung T. Phan • April 29, 2021

Choice gives you the… choice… to put Bitcoin in your retirement account

Choice is a retirement account that holds stocks, gold, ETFs and -- crucially -- digital assets.

Trung T. Phan • April 29, 2021

Kingdom Trust’s Choice platform allows you to put Bitcoin in your retirement account

Kingdom Trust CEO Ryan Radloff tells us his vision for Choice, a retirement account that holds stocks, gold and digital assets.

Trung T. Phan • April 28, 2021

The 11 Lessons Dharmesh Shah Learned From 80+ Angel Investments

~13 Years, $3M+ invested, and 80+ investments later, I compiled the 11 investment lessons that I wish I would’ve known when I first started angel investing.

Alex Garcia • April 21, 2021

Lomi is tackling food waste with a home composting machine

Food waste releases significant methane in landfills. Lomi addresses this issue with a home product that turns waste into soil (in as little as 4 hours).

Trung T. Phan • April 21, 2021

Clearco created a new way to fund ecommerce businesses. Now, it’s expanding.

Co-founders Michele Romanow and Andrew D'Souza tell us about Clearco's new products including SAAS and inventory funding as well as a "Y Combinator for the 99%".

Trung T. Phan • April 20, 2021

Meet Synthesis: The edtech startup scaling Elon Musk’s Ad Astra school

CEO Chrisman Frank tells us how Synthesis is creating a platform that teaches problem solving for children that "want to learn how to build the future."

Trung T. Phan • April 12, 2021

YouTube megastar Jake Paul and serial entrepreneur Geoffrey Woo launch the Anti Fund

The rolling fund will focus on investments in consumer, creator economy and e-commerce startups.

Trung T. Phan • April 8, 2021

The ~$6T family office industry, explained

The blow-up of $10B Archegos Capital shines light on the opaque family office industry.

Trung T. Phan • April 5, 2021

Invstr raised $20m to make investing more social

Invstr -- which raised a $20m Series A -- is quickly becoming a Robinhood rival. It prioritizes financial and trading literacy above all.

Shelley Tang • March 19, 2021

Tencent’s investment gain in 2020 was comically high: +$120B

Tencent -- the ~$800B Chinese tech firm that owns WeChat -- put up an absurd gain of $120B on its investment portfolio last year.

Trung T. Phan • March 11, 2021 shut down, but its vision for venture capital lives on

Indie was a venture capital firm focused on profitability before scale. It just closed its doors.

Jacob Cohen • March 8, 2021

Coinbase’s $100B+ public debut, explained

Coinbase is about to have a huge $100B+ public listing. Here’s the S-1 breakdown.

Shelley Tang • March 4, 2021

Webflow raises $140m to write no-code code

Webflow gives businesses tools to build no-code websites. It just raised $140m.

Jacob Cohen • January 15, 2021

Public’s co-CEO Leif Abraham: “Investing is a forcing function for financial literacy”

Public -- a trading app combined with a social network -- makes investing a lot more approachable. We spoke with its co-CEO Leif Abraham to find out more.

Trung T. Phan • December 15, 2020

The story of Sequoia, a Silicon Valley VC legend

Silicon Valley’s most storied VC firm is finally taking its game to Europe.

Trung T. Phan • November 25, 2020

Laurie Yoler: “Don’t wait for things to come your way; go out and forge your own destiny”

Investor and founding Tesla board member Laurie Yoler answers our most pressing questions about her career and thoughts on tech.

Trung T. Phan • November 10, 2020

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