This under-the-radar streaming service might be the next big thing

In June, Tubi streamed 200m hours, doubling its growth over the past year. It was recently acquired by Fox in a $440m deal.

Belle Long • August 11, 2020

What happens when Google barges in on your territory, in 2 charts

A deal with Google was sweet news for ADT and sour grapes for the competition.

Nick DeSantis • August 4, 2020

Jaeson Ma: ‘I woke up to Triller being the #1 app in the world’

A co-owner of the hot TikTok competitor told us why Triller stands out from its rival.

Trung T. Phan • August 3, 2020

We looked for love in all the wrong places

Our thoughts are with Happn, an app for flirting with passerbys.

Caroline Dohack • July 30, 2020

Can Google searches predict a pandemic?

The initial evidence on disease-tracking algorithms seems promising.

Michael Waters • July 16, 2020

This app is sending people on blind scavenger hunts

It’s like Pokemon Go, but for people who believe in astrology.

Belle Long • July 10, 2020

The UK government is taking a $500m stake in a bankrupt satellite company

The deal to acquire OneWeb puts the government on a collision course with Elon Musk’s Starlink.

Nick DeSantis • July 6, 2020

A new meme-making matrix could take your mashup game to the next level

Koji wants to amplify memes by remixing them, in the same way that TikTok squeezes more juice out of audio and video mashups.

Belle Long • July 2, 2020

Pandemic-era Roomba sales prove it: Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum

Toilet paper. Flour. Roomba? The corona-conomy gets weird.

Caroline Dohack • June 26, 2020

Human IPO wants you to buy shares in regular people

These days, everyone’s going public.

Michael Waters • June 24, 2020

Google vs. Photoshop: Fact-checking for images arrives

Google’s photo fact-checking may mean curtains for the viral fake-out.

Belle Long • June 24, 2020

Sharing is caring: These startups are streamlining knowledge-sharing

Notion, Coda, and Almanac are part of a crop of startups hoping to help you navigate oceans of information.

Belle Long • June 23, 2020

This portable urinal company is flush with demand

Americans are taking lots of road trips -- and that’s opened the floodgates for a new industry.

Michael Waters • June 23, 2020

Meet the new upstart in the world of high-priced art sales

Loïc Gouzer, once dubbed “the daredevil of the art world,” is back.

Nick DeSantis • June 22, 2020

These startups want to make your Zoomin’ a little more human

Video conferencing isn’t going away anytime soon, so some startups are making lemonade out of lemons.

Nick DeSantis • June 19, 2020

A new player in email knocked over a bushel of debate about Apple’s App Store

Hey turned heads with its innovative approach to email, but quickly ran into an Apple problem.

Nick DeSantis • June 18, 2020

TikTok creators’ new dance move: flipping China censorship on its head

They’re filming virtual love letters with the Chinese flag, the national anthem, and hashtags like #ilovechina.

Belle Long • June 18, 2020

Twitter’s experiments try to make your timeline a little less awful

The company's latest test is another baby step toward curbing problems that have dogged the platform for years.

Belle Long • June 12, 2020

YouTube creators are turning clicks into charity

They’re uploading videos and donating the advertising revenue to Black Lives Matter.

Belle Long • June 11, 2020

Reebok and partner gyms walk away from CrossFit after CEO’s ‘FLOYD-19’ tweet

When Greg Glassman spoke out, his company’s partners said they’d seen enough.

Nick DeSantis • June 9, 2020

India’s potential is irresistible for tech’s bigwigs

Amazon may take a $2B stake in one of the country’s largest telecom companies. Big Tech is racing to make its mark in India.

Belle Long • June 5, 2020

For better or worse, social media makes it impossible to look away

Social platforms are central to the booming protest movement. CEOs who lead them are feeling the heat.

Nick DeSantis • June 2, 2020

Scooter companies hope for a 2-wheeled revival — if they can survive long enough

The pandemic put scooter companies through hell on wheels, but they’re hoping to make a comeback.

Nick DeSantis • May 18, 2020

Virtual reality can’t catch a break

The industry is facing an Oculus rift: It should be more popular right now, but consumers haven’t caught the wave.

Michael Waters • May 14, 2020

The market for refurbished tech is shining like new

We need more devices to keep up with the marathon of quarantine. The ringleaders of the refurb empire are reaping the benefits

Nick DeSantis • May 14, 2020

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