The rise of Rust, the programming language going viral

Some of tech’s biggest players are making big bets on Rust.

Rob Litterst • November 7, 2022

What’s going on with ‘hacktivists’ and Ukraine?

Ukraine has called for volunteer hackers, but what are they doing?

Juliet Bennett Rylah • March 9, 2022

No-code leader Zapier acquires Makerpad, a no-code community

A leading no-code company (Zapier) acquired a leading no-code community (Makerpad).

Trung T. Phan • March 10, 2021

Job alert: This state really needs some experts in arcane coding

New Jersey’s rickety unemployment system relies on COBOL, whose heyday was decades ago.

Michael Waters • April 7, 2020

Look Ma, no code! Low-code platform Quick Base sells majority stake for $1B

Vista Equity partners is buying a majority stake in coding for dummies platform, Quick Base, putting the software company at a billion dollar valuation.

Wes Schlagenhauf • January 15, 2019

Demand for blockchain engineers has skyrocketed since last year

According to a study conducted by Hired, Blockchain has seen a 400% increase in blockchain engineering roles since the beginning of 2017, even as cryptocurrency continues to teeter-totter.

Wes Schlagenhauf • October 23, 2018

Webmaster gone wild…

An Arizona IT was sentenced to 4 years of federal probation after holding a corporate website hostage and redirecting it to a gay porn site.

Kamran Rosen • September 21, 2017

A Microsoft font is scandalizing Pakistan’s First Family

How Calibri is playing a crucial role in an unfolding political scandal in Pakistan.

Zachary Crockett • July 13, 2017

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