Ark Invest believes deep learning will create $30T of value over the next 15-20 years

Deep learning will power self-driving cars, drug discovery, and countless other industries -- according to Ark Invest.

Trung T. Phan • February 2, 2021

An MIT lab managed to grow wood. Wait until you see how.

MIT researchers designed a method to grow wood in a lab, but selling lab-grown tables is a long way off.

Jacob Cohen • January 22, 2021

Why are VCs paying $300m+ for an insect farm?

Everything’s coming up beetles.

Michael Waters • October 7, 2020

A nuclear fusion breakthrough suggests we can copy the way the sun makes energy

Based on research from a team out of MIT (and a spinoff company), nuclear fusion could be here by 2024.

Trung T. Phan • October 6, 2020

Blue Origin has the world’s coolest job opening

The Hustle - Silicon Valley Tech News

Trung T. Phan • October 6, 2020

The billionaire doctor duo behind President Trump’s experimental drug

President Trump is receiving experimental treatment from Regeneron, a pharma firm defined by the partnership between two doctors.

Trung T. Phan • October 5, 2020

Startups latch onto breast milk — no boobs needed

Two labs aim to make a more natural alternative to baby formula.

Caroline Dohack • August 26, 2020

Guess who’s judging your drunken shenanigans?

Your smartphone’s accelerometer can detect when you’re a staggering fool.

Caroline Dohack • August 20, 2020

How speaking a 2nd language can change your mindset — and help your career

Speaking multiple languages can open your mind to different perspectives, boost creativity, and help you become a more rational thinker.

Caroline Dohack • August 17, 2020

3D bioprinting could help with COVID research and organ transplants

This specialized equipment lets doctors and researchers print living tissues and organs.

Caroline Dohack • August 10, 2020

Thanks to this startup, your next road trip might be on plastic

TechniSoil turned bottles into the first plastic-paved stretch of highway in California.

Belle Long • August 5, 2020

‘Cloaking’ is the new biz of hiding from facial recognition

Run your thirsty selfies through Fawkes, and facial recognition AI will never know it’s you.

Michael Waters • August 4, 2020

You can train your brain to embrace challenges. Here’s how

A strategic mindset helps you solve problems more efficiently.

Caroline Dohack • July 29, 2020

The sky’s the limit for these flapping drones

Enter the ornithopter, a bird-like bot that’s going places.

Caroline Dohack • July 28, 2020

What ants can teach us about fighting off pandemics

The little buggers are surprisingly good at containment.

Belle Long • July 24, 2020

Can you get the benefits of exercise without the burn?

We’ve been trying to get out of our workouts for decades. Finally, research shows there might be a way.

Caroline Dohack • July 13, 2020

One way to understand kids’ development: Get a baby’s-eye view

Babies with head-mounted cameras help researchers understand early childhood development.

Caroline Dohack • July 8, 2020

Horseshoe-crab blood is a surprisingly essential ingredient for testing new drugs

It’s the only known natural source of an important substance called limulus amebocyte lysate.

Belle Long • July 7, 2020

Whoda thunk? An AI project brings together an unlikely alliance

Big Tech, academia, and the federal government could collaborate on AI efforts.

Caroline Dohack • July 1, 2020

The big NASA x SpaceX collab is going to be out of this world

There was no chance of postponing — the intergalactic supply chain depends on this launch.

Michael Waters • May 25, 2020

One humble software platform is behind all those coronavirus dashboards

It’s ArcGIS -- and the crisis has made it more popular than ever.

Nick DeSantis • May 14, 2020

The microbe emoji is more popular than ever, and scientists hate it

The public microscope has not been kind to the poor microbe.

Michael Waters • May 8, 2020

It’s not just you: Every website looks the same now

Blame America’s other hamburger craze.

Michael Waters • May 7, 2020

Changes at Pastebin have security researchers red in the face

An unusual site that’s sometimes frequented by hackers angered researchers by turning off their access to a scraping API.

Nick DeSantis • April 20, 2020

The first privately funded mission to the moon begins its loooong journey

After a successful launch, SpaceIL is on track to become the first private lunar lander in world history.

Conor Grant • February 22, 2019

The brains behind the brands: Lexicon uses sound science to name big brands

Lexicon Branding uses cutting-edge ‘sound science’ to help companies ranging from consumer giants to brand-new startups pick the nicest names.

Conor Grant • January 31, 2019

Spidey senses textiling: Synthetic spider silk is starting to appear in consumer products

AMSilk has partnered with Omega to create a watch strap from its synthetic spider silk product called BioSteel, as spider silk fabric begins hitting the market.

Wes Schlagenhauf • January 29, 2019

Relativity Space won permission to lease a government launch pad on Cape Canaveral 

Relativity Space continues its hot streak of support after winning permission from the US Air Force to launch from Cape Canaveral.

Wes Schlagenhauf • January 18, 2019

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