Steph Curry’s offseason: Saving Under Armour and joining the billionaire’s club?

Don’t bet against Curry scoring a seat in LeBron James and Tiger Woods’ 10-digit fraternity.

Ben Berkley • May 17, 2023
Chris Matthews

The basketball journeyman who became a shooting coach to the stars

Many of the best shooters in the NBA, WNBA, and NCAA have hired Chris Matthews, a basketball entrepreneur.

Mark Dent • May 5, 2023
money wagered by year

DraftKings versus FanDuel — Who are you betting on?

Online sportsbooks are trying to move odds in their favor for their own high-stakes arms race.

Ben Berkley • May 1, 2023
golfing with a phone

Phone bans often putter out, but this one may be forever

Every April, the Masters is the biggest show in golf, but there’s not a cellphone in sight.

Ben Berkley • April 5, 2023
women playing basketball

Women’s basketball: Winning eyeballs and landing windfalls

The NCAA and WNBA are turning increased exposure into financial momentum.

Ben Berkley • March 21, 2023

From backyard trick shots to a $100m theme park

Dude Perfect’s next act: building a theme park.

Jacob Cohen • February 27, 2023

Fox crosses the goal line on Super Bowl ads

This week, it declared inventory sold out.

Jacob Cohen • February 10, 2023

The Super Bowl of gambling is upon us

As many as one in five American adults may bet on the game.

Mark Dent • February 8, 2023

Bowling’s new pinsetters are causing drama

String pinsetters are cheaper, but some say they change the way the sport feels.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • January 11, 2023

The $220B World Cup is over. Was it worth it?

As a near-term return on an investment — no. As a marketing campaign — maybe.

Jacob Cohen • December 19, 2022

Esports aren’t immune from a downturn

But its future is still bright.

Jacob Cohen • December 15, 2022

Budweiser’s dry World Cup saga

Budweiser employed smart marketing moves to stay relevant at an alcohol-free World Cup.

Mark Dent • December 13, 2022

The market’s getting absolutely bodied by pro wrestling

WWE is seen as a hot acquisition target.

Jacob Cohen • December 9, 2022

A new ball is changing the game of soccer

A ball equipped with sensors is making life easier for refs and could help grow the game.

Rob Litterst • November 29, 2022

ESPN wants in on gambling

A deal with DraftKings could help the brand maintain relevance with young fans.

Rob Litterst • November 2, 2022

Should we be worried about a Phillies World Series title?

History makes a strong case to root for the Astros.

Rob Litterst • November 1, 2022

Should the NBA go all-in on streaming?

With a new TV deal on the horizon, the NBA is at a crossroads.

Samir Javer • October 26, 2022

The NCAA wants more Madness

If the tournament field expands to 96 teams, perfect brackets may become a relic of the past.

Rob Litterst • October 19, 2022

Why brands are flocking to women’s sports

Female athletes are driving more engagement than their male counterparts.

Rob Litterst • October 17, 2022

The new sports bar, explained

Led by Topgolf, activity-focused bars are sprouting up all over the country.

Rob Litterst • October 14, 2022

Why sports teams are selling subscriptions

Franchises are turning to monthly subscriptions to generate revenue.

Samir Javer • September 22, 2022

Digits: Jordan, Ferrari, and Yellen

Plus: Apple’s pickle, and the Etherium Merge.

Jacob Cohen • September 19, 2022

Digits: Ugly food, Roblox, and more

Plus: The king, beef prices, and the Super Bowl.

Jacob Cohen • September 12, 2022

What the heck is Peloton doing?

The fitness pioneer is making some big changes to right the ship.

Rob Litterst • August 29, 2022

Serena Williams’ next chapter

After years of investing, the tennis legend is going all-in on VC.

Samir Javer • August 18, 2022

LeBron James, the influencer?

LeBron James is the NBA’s king of Instagram.

Rob Litterst • August 16, 2022

College athletes are making bank

The ability to profit off of name, image, and likeness has led to some big payouts for college stars.

Mark Dent • July 15, 2022

F1’s insane growth highlighted in new deal

Despite its smaller broadcast package, F1’s digital reach nearly rivals the NFL and MLB.

Jacob Cohen • June 28, 2022

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