Clearview offers its controversial tech to lawyers

Clearview will offer its controversial tech, typically only available to law enforcement, to public defenders.

Juliet Bennett Rylah • September 20, 2022

Remote workers are outfoxing employer surveillance tech

Employee anti-surveillance tech and tricks are hot, hot, hot.

Caroline Dohack • August 17, 2020

Surveillance tech will be big for reopenings. Can it keep privacy concerns in check?

Thermal cameras might help economies reopen without un-flattening the curve.

Nick DeSantis • April 29, 2020

Last semester, colleges got an A+ in student surveillance

Colleges and universities across the country use sophisticated surveillance systems to track their students’ locations.

Conor Grant • December 27, 2019

As Ring’s surveillance partnerships come into focus, civil rights groups speak up

As Ring expands partnerships with local law enforcement, the fine print issues are becoming clearer.

Wes Schlagenhauf • October 10, 2019

Spotify turns our emotions into data, and then profits off of them

Spotify uses emotional surveillance tactics to sell data, and brands are cashing in.

Wes Schlagenhauf • June 12, 2019

Made in China: The surveillance giant thinks every country should use its technology

Now that China has established itself as a surveillance powerhouse, it has started selling its technology at a more affordable price to countries that otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Wes Schlagenhauf • April 25, 2019

Meet the Minnesota family that turned a soda machine company into a surveillance empire

Last August, Todd Westby’s employees got ‘microchipped.’ How did they get there? And what’s the connection between diet sodas, prisons, and tracking apps?

Conor Grant • October 5, 2018

Demand for surveillance tech drives facial-recognition company’s value to $4.5B

SenseTime, a Chinese facial-recognition technology company, just pulled a piping-hot $600m of funding out of the oven — making the company nearly twice as valuable as the 2nd-hottest AI startup, Shanghai-based Yitu. The Chinese State Council’s 3-step strategic plan for AI-domination by 2030 has positioned SenseTime for lucrative government contracts and investment from Chinese heavyweights […]

Conor Grant • April 10, 2018

Big Employer is watching you: the rising trend of employee surveillance

Employers are increasingly using a number of tools to monitor and surveil their employees’ work habits.

Zachary Crockett • November 8, 2017

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