The ‘Airbnb of RV Rentals’ just raised $100m+

RVShare just raised $100m+, becoming the latest RV startup to ride a trend turbocharged by the pandemic.

Trung T. Phan • October 22, 2020

Are airline loyalty programs worth more than the actual airlines?

Some analysis suggests airline loyalty programs are more valuable than the actual airlines. The truth is not that simple.

Trung T. Phan • October 5, 2020

In-flight WiFi is in crisis — which could be good for everyone else

A satellite company just bought the WiFi division of GoGo, Inc.

Michael Waters • September 4, 2020

Motels are the new king of the road

The surprise star of summer vacation? Motels are back, baby.

Caroline Dohack • August 26, 2020

Are private airports ready for liftoff?

Airports are valuable -- and cities could put the money from privatization toward more pressing issues.

Michael Waters • August 21, 2020

Does it matter that business travel’s on hold?

Research shows business travel affects international economies.

Caroline Dohack • August 14, 2020

I scream, you scream, we all scream for a 4-day workweek?

Think you deserve some time off? A growing number of companies agree.

Michael Waters • August 13, 2020

Thanks to this startup, your next road trip might be on plastic

TechniSoil turned bottles into the first plastic-paved stretch of highway in California.

Belle Long • August 5, 2020

Are you ready to be a-mazed?

Labyrinths are the latest lawn accessory.

Caroline Dohack • July 31, 2020

Too busy to take a break? Your boss might make you

Some tech companies are making vacation time mandatory to prevent employee burnout.

Caroline Dohack • July 28, 2020

Hollywood is in crisis. That spells trouble for movie-themed toys.

The summer blockbusters are postponed this year. But their tie-in toys weren’t.

Michael Waters • July 21, 2020

Feeling meh about the outdoors? Glamping startups are here to help

Need your tent to come with fresh linens and air mattresses? These companies have your back.

Michael Waters • July 7, 2020

Everything was canceled. But good luck getting that insurance money.

Canceled flights, business losses: Your insurance probably can’t help you.

Michael Waters • June 25, 2020

This summer, everyone is getting their feet wet with pool sharing

Take a dive into the hottest new industry of our no good, very bad pandemic summer.

Michael Waters • June 17, 2020

One airline’s weird strategy for raising capital in a pandemic: selling its prized artworks

The sales may not help mend the airline’s reputation -- British lawmakers called it the company a “national disgrace.”

Nick DeSantis • June 15, 2020

Time limits on video games? A Japanese teen is taking the government to court

A regional government tried to limit video gaming. So Wataru fought back.

Michael Waters • June 12, 2020

Who is enforcing corporate mask policies?

Every company under the sun is releasing new safety standards. But many ring hollow.

Michael Waters • June 8, 2020

People want to escape, and rental companies are listening

They’re turning the traditional 3-night stay into 3-month stays -- or 3-hour stays.

Belle Long • May 28, 2020

Thinking of getting away this summer? Hope you like your home state

States have a tourism problem — so they’re pitching themselves to their own residents.

Michael Waters • May 25, 2020

Pack your thermometers: Hotels are gearing up for new arrivals

Your next overnight stay is going to get weird.

Michael Waters • May 22, 2020

Airlines are desperate to jettison their excess snacks

They’re offloading packages of cookies and crackers. Individually wrapped treats could be a preview of changing corporate snack perks.

Michael Waters • May 11, 2020

In the pandemic era, can #vanlife go on? It depends on your rig

Some van fans are getting REALLY socially distant.

Mia Sullivan • April 24, 2020

A small pandemic bright spot? The end of the airplane middle seat

The middle seat is the absolute worst, so it’s unlikely anyone who’s actually flying would miss it.

Caroline Dohack • April 24, 2020

Airbnb pledged $250m to help its hosts. Now some hosts ask, where’s the money?

Many hosts say they haven’t received payouts from the company’s coronavirus relief fund. A few who have are calling the payments chump change.

Nick DeSantis • April 24, 2020

Hawaii governor stresses the rest of the island is ‘open for business’ despite eruption

The Kilauea Volcano is taking a massive toll on the Big Island’s economy, and Hawaii’s governor wants to reassure everyone parts of the island are still open for business.

Wes Schlagenhauf • May 24, 2018

The travel photographer who’s crushing it — without ever leaving home

Jacqui Kenny is a travel photographer who "travels” the world using Google Street Views, taking more than 27k screenshots along the way.

Wes Schlagenhauf • October 4, 2017

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