No rest for the wicked: The perils of being a content moderator — all for $28k a year

A report from The Verge illustrates the terrible working conditions of Facebook’s content moderators.

Wes Schlagenhauf • February 26, 2019

New gig startup Jyve lets you work your way up from the outside

Gig economy platform Jyve comes out of hiding with $35m in funding and a plan to help gig workers unlock “higher skill opportunities” with each job they successfully complete.

Lindsey Quinn • January 25, 2019

An unexpected ‘long weekend’: Layoffs hit BuzzFeed, HuffPost, and Gannett

Over one thousand layoffs across print and digital media have thrown the future of journalism into doubt.

Conor Grant • January 25, 2019

Overtired workers cost Japan $138B, and businesses are desperate to encourage naps

Japanese employees are so desperate for well-rested employees, they’re offering their employees bonuses to sleep more than 6 hours.

Conor Grant • January 9, 2019

Netflix hires PR genius Rachel Whetstone to handle scandals that haven’t happened yet

Netflix hired Rachel Whetstone, a PR mastermind who has managed crises at Google, Uber, and Facebook, to prepare for the storm.

Conor Grant • August 29, 2018

Silicon Valley’s $13B nonprofit takes another hit: Toxic culture costs them 3 executives

On Friday, the New York Times published another expose on the “toxic” culture at the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, a nonprofit that’s quietly grown to $13.5B in assets.

Wes Schlagenhauf • May 14, 2018

Fear of ‘looking replaceable’ shrinks employee vacation time — and the economy

Workplace norms prevent many employees from using all of their vacation time -- which costs the economy $255B.

Conor Grant • May 8, 2018

Power to the Peep-le: Union workers claim a sweet win over old man ’mallow

Marshmallow makers at a Pennsylvania Peeps factory won a court decision that will force their company Just Born, to honor their pension promises (while they still can).

Conor Grant • April 30, 2018

Big Employer is watching you: the rising trend of employee surveillance

Employers are increasingly using a number of tools to monitor and surveil their employees’ work habits.

Zachary Crockett • November 8, 2017

WeWork is getting less than ‘spiritual’ on new payment tech

WeWork is selling their investors on a $20B valuation based “energy and spirituality” -- while testing a way to charge workers by the minute for desks.

Wes Schlagenhauf • October 6, 2017

Who actually uses Google’s ball pits?

How engineers waiting for their stock to "vest" at big tech companies make 6-figure salaries while doing barely any work.

Lindsey Quinn • August 8, 2017

Self-Driving Car Employees Are Worth About $10m… Each

And at least one online school is trying to get more of those people out into the workforce.

The Hustle • September 19, 2016

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