The Hustle Fam: Volume 3

On a random Monday, we asked our readers to recap their weekend with a selfie attached. Here are some highlights.

January 11, 2017

“Visited a friend in Mexico City this past weekend. Climbed the pyramids of Teotihuacan, tasted escamoles that popped with salty flavor sprinkled over guacamole and roasted grasshoppers, shared big spirals of sugar-dusted churros, sipped smokey Mezcals, basked in the cerulean blue courtyard of the Frida Khalo museum, and accompanied all meals with fluffy corn tortillas.

Making new friends and taking in this vibrant city whose culture is as rich as its food, reaffirmed everything I already believed about working together to make both our countries stronger (and tastier).

Keep up the great work, Hustle.” — Kaylan

I made music with a friend and eaten pizza 3 days in a row. Because pizza is never enough. — Filippo

“This weekend, I enjoyed Mexican food with my amigos in Poznan, Poland. (That’s me on the right in the blue sombrero.)” — Eric

“I TA’ed at general assembly data analytics course for 8 hours on Saturday, worked out, got drinks with friends at an overpriced tourist trap (but also kind of fun in a “let’s celebrate our 60th birthday here” way, because I am secretly a grandma on the inside) tiki inspired lounge (why are they so popular these days???).

Sunday I spent hiding from the great flood outside, cooked, baked and read “how to make ideas happen” and topped the weekend off with a carb coma at an Italian restaurant falling asleep to “Brooklyn nine-nine” (Andy Samberg ftw)” — Ekaterina

“I was at a friend’s house for his birthday weekend and after dinner on Saturday night, Uncle Kracker’s Follow Me started playing and the 16 people that were gathered in the kitchen blasted out the lyrics at unison. It was a magical throwback moment. I wish a had a video.

That’s me with an Uncle Kracker face swap. Can’t decide how I feel about it yet.” — Gerard

“Bottomless mimosa brunch. Sake bombs and sushi rolls. Oysters on the half shell by the bay.” — Margo

“I went snowshoeing in the Catskills this past weekend, and stood on top of three mountains in some damn cold weather.” — Jonathan

“Set up a little workstation at home (5 towers and a MacBook). The big black guy on the floor has a ge1080.” — Justus

“1) Got an ATV un-stuck in the dunes at Pismo Beach, California. 2) Promised $100 to the first family member who finishes reading “Chariots of the Gods.” 3) Met (IRL) a foreign man who I had met on the internet. (and I am still alive)” — Becca

“Watched the wildcard games. Didn’t see anybody who has a chance against New England! Binge watched man in the high castle, Phil Dick would have been proud.” — Joe

“1) Drank scotch that was way above my pay grade. 2) Drove across the border for a Buffalo Sabres game. 3) Wrote a column for a magazine and put together my weekly newsletter while half watching the Golden Globes” — Alex

“This weekend my beautiful wife Nancy and I talked about where/when to take trips this year, shoveled the snow from the driveway, ate breakfast out, saw Rogue One, watched football, walked the dog, took pics of the snow, posted on social media, played games/puzzles on iPads, burned a pan of Gluhwein, read news/books/articles on the iPads and shared them, talked with some neighbors, made phone calls to relatives, etc.

VERY boring to most – relaxing to us.” — Dave

“I went to Disneyland and drank fadeorade with friends and family for 3 days. And I’m not a millennial so you don’t get a selfie, but this picture instead. I’m the one with shorter hair. “ — Justin

“Saw “Manchester by the Sea.” Still in a depressed haze “ — Rachel

“I spent the weekend chasing ducks in Arkansas’ flooded green timber bottoms known as the infamous “Black Swamp” on the Cache River. The expedition started Friday morning which accumulated about 2 inches of snow and the temp stayed around 22 degrees throughout the weekend.

The 3 hunts were not as successful as we hoped but getting to see groups of 30-50 mallard ducks pour into the snow covered tree tops was a sight to see. Even with our limited success both Friday and Saturday, seeing groups of 75 to 100 mallards circling our little “blow-down” hole in the woods, kept us coming back on Sunday in hopes to kill a 5 man limit.

Mid morning Sunday the water finally started to freeze up and we knew at that moment our hunt was over. At least until next weekend when we continue our expedition of insanity and obsession…” — Brandon

“Finished West World (that sh*t was creepy), designed a logo for a client, spent time with my cat Josie and my dog Jada. “ — Julian

“I ran 24.5 miles (8 Saturday, 16.5 Sunday). I’m not just a glutton for punishment though. I’m running a marathon in three weeks, so that’s just part of training. I also watched crappy football. I’m a dolphins fan (sometimes this does make me wonder if I am a glutton for punishment).” — Andres

“My wife and I welcomed our first born – Isla (Eye-la) into the world this past week. I read to her everyday and I always include the Hustle newsletter. I bet she is the youngest person to hear your newsletter everyday! Here is a pic with me and her in the hospital. “ — Scott

“Watched the Giants get there asses handed to them then got drunk at a 5 Pin bowling alley in Vancouver.
— Brian

“Ran 6 miles in the first snow of the year in NYC. It was a tad chilly, hence the t-shirt. (I’m on the left)” — Kevin

“This past weekend the holiday celebrations continued. Unfortunately my daughter didn’t agree. #goodtimesclub” — Jared

“Took a drive up to Deception Pass with a buddy and his dog to attend an Instameet. Came home and watched an episode of Band of Brothers.

Next day attended church and the lights went out, and our pastor preached right through it. Enjoyed a post-service lunch with a buddy then had a delicious mocha from a local favorite coffee shop. Finished up the weekend with another episode of Band of Brothers. Cheers!” — Joey

Three words: Flew to Maui! — Michael

“Made my way down to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for the annual NBA Sales & Marketing meetings. Mostly stuck in meetings, but did take one night to explore the City Walk. Not much of a selfie guy, but attached two anyways! Keep up the great work!” — Bob

“Ran a pool party in Saigon last Sunday!” — Matyas

“I live in Las Vegas…I got to do a week long internship with the company who does all the registration and RDIF badge printouts for CES (ITN International.) I Went to CES Saturday and Sunday and then drove out to horseshoe bend and antelope canyon Arizona Sunday. It was a good week(end)” — Joshua

“I’m an Orthodox Jew, so from sunset on Friday to nightfall on Saturday (about 25 hours) we don’t drive, manipulate electricity in any way, or do any of 39 broad categories of “work” (this includes writing, sewing, cooking, and others). We have 3 festive meals with family and walk to synagogue.

This week, after the Sabbath ended, my husband and I stayed up late catching up on e-mail, watching Law and Order SVU, and playing the board game Pandemic. Then we slept in on Sunday, which was one of the six fast days on the Jewish calendar.

My husband is medically exempt from fasting, but I’m not, so I stayed in bed for most of the day and broke my fast at about 6 PM. I always appreciate it when fast days fall out on Sundays — I find it really hard to work while fasting!

P.S. Not smiling in the photo since I hate selfies.” — Gila

“My wife and I purged our kitchen after watching the minimalism documentary. We got rid of 4 boxes of stuff we just didn’t need and now our kitchen looks clean, awesome, and is a space we want to be in!” — Billy

“Snowball fights with my kids, sledding, hot cocoa, couch cuddles with the wife, more than ‘a couple’ bourbon/ cider cocktails, reading Joseph Pieper’s – Leisure, The Basis of Culture, got beat twice by my 5 year old in Uno, finished the last season of Rectify, read some of Ryan Holliday’s The Obstacle is the Way, watched Sam change the settings on the Hustle Ambassador FB page a couple times, cleaned up a bloody nose when my 2yr old punched my 5yr old in the nose, and made first tracks on some snow covered local trails. It was a fantastic whirl of domestic awesomeness.” — Brian

“I had an awesome weekend, thanks for asking! Snagged a spot on a repo (repositioning empty leg) jet flight to St Maarten. Hit the bars for rum drinks, watched the planes fly in right over Maho Beach, ate a fine meal on the French side of the island, won money at a casino ($2 counts!), danced at a piano bar, swam in Simpson Bay, didn’t sleep a wink.

Flew in private like rock stars, flew back commercial cattle, complete with nightmarish security and immigration lines, four (4!) screaming babies in the row behind us, and a sprint through Charlotte airport to make our connecting flight after the first flight left an hour late. Sometimes you’re J. Lo, and sometimes you’re Just Low!

Loved every minute of it! Hoping to get some sleep this week.” — Kayte

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