The Hustle Fam: Volume 2

On Election Day, we asked our readers to send a picture of who they voted for and why. Here are a few that we received.

November 9, 2016


“I voted for Gary Johnson. I think he is not only the most qualified candidate (the man is a guru with a budget), but I am also tired of the two-party system. Most Americans polled cannot clearly identify entirely with either party. It’s time we had something more than the “Conservative v. Liberal” election.” — Tom


“I voted for Hillary Clinton. Although I would love to shake up the establishment, I concur with Andrew Sullivan on the subject of Donald Trump. “He won’t shake it up. He’ll blow it up.” I am interested in preserving the enlightenment project, and to that end am willing to suffer through status-quo frustration.
— Emerson


“I voted for Trump in part because I’m frustrated with the state of the American political system. Some of our elected representatives do a really good job protecting their own interests or those of special interest groups, and Trump is someone who can’t be bought. Hillary represents everything that people have come to hate about American politics. I didn’t *want* to vote for Trump but after news about the an email leak that said that Chelsea Clinton used money from the Clinton Foundation to pay for her wedding and living expenses, I had enough. Trump will bring change to American politics if elected president, and cut the BS that’s been in Washington for far too long.” — Kevin


“I voted for Gary Johnson. Not because I think Gary Johnson would be a particularly good commander-in-chief (Aleppo anyone?), but as a worthwhile protest vote for an accomplished small businessman and Republican Governor. The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of free market capitalism and its corollaries, optimism and rights-respecting government. Donald Trump has nothing to do with these things, and I dearly hope he loses.” — Mark


“I voted for Hillary Clinton because she is the most qualified candidate and because this is an opportunity to let the global community know we will not stand for racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, and all other kinds of oppressions Trump advocates. We are not going to let this country take a gazillion steps backwards by legitimizing Trump’s voice. No way hombre.” — Michelle


“If I had a dollar for every time someone told me that I’m “wasting my vote” by voting for anything other than “Left or Right”, I wouldn’t be writing this email right now. I would be paying my personal assistant to write it for me. America wasn’t built to be a two party system. It doesn’t need to be a two party system. Presidential elections don’t have to be the choice of the “lesser of two evils”. This mindset, which I believe is largely perpetuated by the major media stations, has America choosing between perhaps the two most disliked presidential candidates in our history when there are plenty of other excellent choices out there.

I voted for Jill Stein this year. In 2012 I voted for Obama. I register as an independent and vote for whoever I think will do the best job as POTUS. This year, my choice to vote for Jill Stein was fueled by my alignment with her stance on major issues. Don’t get me wrong, she comes across as pretty radical and extreme and I’m not 100% in for that. However, I know that with Congress and the Senate holding so much power over actual changes to our nation’s policies, most of her proposals would be “watered down” into a form that would make them fit well into our society. My hope is that, if somehow she wins, Jill Stein will be able to set a new course for our nation that is not fueled by greed and war but by the idea of a better future for America and the rest of the world.

Anyways, how could I possibly cast a vote for “one of the two choices” when I dislike them both? Voting for a third party is astronomically better than not voting at all. Who cares if you think your vote won’t make a difference? At least you voted. At least you stood up for what you believed in in the most anonymous way there is.

I hope everyone else voted for who they believe in. No matter who that is.” — Ashlee


“Today, I voted for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine because they’re the team I trust to lead our country. ” — Nadia


“#Imwithher because she is the most qualified for the job. Because Love Trumps Hate. And because I want my future daughter to grow up knowing that she can be anything she wants to be, including President of the greatest country on earth.” — Katie


“We’re with her cause fuck Trump” — Charlie


“I actually voted early and voted on Halloween and wore my Unicorn onesie to do so. Because this campaign season has been a joke and I figured mocking it via my onesie was a way to pay homage to that.

I voted for Hillary, not because I love her, but because Trump represents everything wrong with America. As the child of an immigrant, I can’t support someone like him. Not to mention the fact that he has zero respect for women.

I wore my Bernie shirt today because that’s who I wish was on the ballot, and a semi-pantsuit in general support of the first viable woman candidate.

Here’s hoping things turn out well!” — Amanda


“We both voted for the Donald! We can’t stand for Hillary and her corrupt political ways. We need a majority in the Senate and Congress to accomplish all that both these candidates are promising and we much rather have a proven successful business man in the Oval Office than another Clinton. Strengthen our borders, bring power back to or military, get rid of Obamacare, etc..time to MAKE AMERICA GREET AGAIN. GO TRUMP! “ — Carter


“I voted Libertarian. I’m not the biggest fan of Gary Johnson, (I actually wanted McAfee) but I’m hoping to contribute to a >5% result for the party so that our 2020 elections have a real third choice and we are not faced with this madness again. That is of course (optimistically ) assuming we make it to 2020!” — James


“Here ya go. Utilizing the old Snapchat to jazz up my typical office background.
I’m voting for Hillary because I want a Democrat to appoint the open Supreme Court Judge seat. I don’t need a bunch of old white guys discussing my reproductive rights.”
— Kate


“I voted for third-party candidate Evan McMullin because I’m none too pleased with the choices that ended up in the general election.

Trump is too unstable to be trusted with the most important position in the world. Not to mention his inherently racist and bigoted policy promises.

Hillary is the most qualified of the two, but I disagree with her on some fundamental policy decisions since I tend to lean libertarian.

So, I stuck it to the man. Hope Evan wins enough to force a House vote (but I would be more satisfied with another Clinton presidency than a Trump presidency).” — Josh


“Hillary bc she’s gangsta as shit #deathrow” — Max


“Voted for Hillary Clinton.


To keep the Trump from winning and take part in electing the first female president of the United States since ever!” — Dave

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