We’re Hiring Writers and Will Give You $1,000 to Help Us Recruit

We're hiring for a bunch of roles right now at The Hustle. But there's one role that's more important than all the others combined.

April 19, 2017


We’re hiring for a bunch of roles right now at The Hustle.

But there’s one role that’s more important than all the others combined (sorry sales, events, and growth team). This position is the reason The Hustle is The Hustle. Without these people, we’d be nothing. And, because it’s so important, we need your help finding the right people.

We’re searching for sharp, witty, and bold writers to help craft our daily email. This role, which I’ll describe more below, is responsible for telling millions of young professionals the news and information they need to succeed throughout their day.

The perfect person for this position can write irresistible and concise copy while also having the journalistic drive to seek out the truth and tell a story. This person loves business, tech, and startup talk. The Snap IPO, whether or not Tesla will deliver pre-orders on time, or if Uber’s bad press will ruin them…they love these topics.

And, because our editorial is so small and efficient (only three people), they’ll have a massive impact on our product.

So, why am I telling you this?

Because we’re offering $1,000 to anyone who refers a writer to us. The rules are simple. When the applicant applies, have them mention your name in their cover letter. If they’re hired and stay with us for at least six months then we’ll give you $1,000 cash. Easy.

OK. Sound good? Below is the info on the gig. Spread this post to the best, most creative copywriters, journalists, and writers you know. Or, if you lose this page, have them Google “The Hustle jobs”…they’ll figure it out.

Talk soon,

Sam, CEO of The Hustle

PS: Want more insight into the type of people we look for? Read this.


Seeking a Copywriter + Tech Journalist

Copywriter and tech journalist? Yes. Allow me to explain.

The Hustle is a daily newsletter that gives millions of people the business, tech, and cultural news they need to start their day. And, at this point, we’re one of the fastest growing media companies in the world.

However, unlike most digital media websites, our content is sent entirely in a daily email to our readers. Each morning we send one ~1,200 word email that explains what’s happening in world of business news and culture, why it matters to readers, and what it means for them. And we do this in a conversational and witty voice.

This role means coming up with story ideas, fact checking, writing, and editing the email.

And, because we’re famous for reporting stories using crisp and witty copy, the perfect person for this role is not only a great copywriter but also loves business journalism.

Also, we’re profitable and are backed by some of the best investors/companies in the media world.


  • Working with our editorial team to write the daily email
  • Hitting strict deadlines
  • Fact checking and editing
  • Testing new story ideas and concepts


  • 2+ years in an editorial or copywriting role
  • A passion for copywriting and journalism
  • A bias for results and execution
  • Ability to hit ambitious deadlines
  • Witty and the ability to write with humor
  • Pop culture, startup, and business knowledge

This is a full-time role based in San Francisco, CA. Remote workers will not be considered.

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