The Light Phone

The Light Phone is anti-technology technology. Built to keep you connected, but only just enough. The Light Phone is perfect for anyone looking to ditch their digital crutch without disappearing completely.

December 1, 2017

the story

The Light Phone takes calls — and that’s it. This phone is as stripped down as they come, intentionally.

The makers believe smartphones have become our digital crutches — and it’s true. Just think back to your last awkward exchange. We’d bet the farm that instead of stewing in the gawky reality of life, you pressed your nose into that glowing pocket god.

Hey, we’re guilty of it too.

The Light Phone removes the smartphone from the equation. No apps, no notifications, no texts, just phone calls. It’s just you and a very thin connection to the rest of the world.

why we like it


Using one feels like going back in time, to a simpler, less-digital world. You’re unburdened from the constant connection of email notifications, memes, and group text takedowns. And there’s no guilt about not taking a photo of that pretty sandwich — the Light Phone has no camera.

The Light Phone promotes a lifestyle we can get behind. Living in the present and enjoying every moment, however boring it is.

If you appreciate the finer points of industrial design and telling your friends “I don’t use apps,” then the Light Phone is not only up your alley, it’s knocking on the backdoor ready to walk the dog.

That said, the biggest draw is the price. It’s expensive for what it is. A $10 burner is more capable, and only $10. But the design is gorgeous, it’s stupid small, and you can’t beat the feeling of cutting the smartphone cord.

the competition

The Light Phone might be the only stipped-down cellphone to come out of a Kickstarter chock full of startup vibes, but there are many (much cheaper) alternatives you could consider.

This phone from AIEK scored a modest 3.3 / 5 stars on Amazon with 103 reviews. However, we preferred the Light Phone for it’s design and the team backing the project.

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